Developments in the American Politics

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Date:  2021-03-14

The 1830's and 1840's create an intensification of the sectional issue in American politics in the sense that it tried to fight the issue of slavery. The first time to experience slavery in America was in the late 1800 century when the first ship from Spain arrived loaded with some African American, people who were considered slaves. This paper will discuss how the 1840s and 1840s changes a sectional issue in American politics and also the Nullification and Abolitionism regarding the role of slavery. The 1830s and 1840s experienced a type of revolution between various states in America because some state accepted the issue of slavery while others tend to reject them.

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Most of the states that tried to abolish the problem of slavery during those times were motivated by the idea of a particular priest who advocated for the fact that all people were created equally. After the cotton economy in the 1830s, there was a need for labor who will work in those cotton industries and fields. The owner of the cotton firms who were also prominent people in the region advocated for the issue of slavery since they were able to get cheap labor from them. They ensure that they influence every person around the region to support the ideology of slavery. These issues led to creating an intensification of the regional issue in American politics. Both leaders were trying ton influence their followers to support their ideologies. In the end, the government had to come up with a measure to abolish the issue of slavery in America.

In the 1830s, the growing abolitionist movement gave pause to the people who were defending a matter of slavery as they sought other ways of ensuring the federal government is given power to outlaw the practice. They created countrywide unions that fought for the rights of the African America who by now had been under slavery for more than fifty years. In the past, their were other organizations such as the churches that tried to fight for the rights of the African American by they did not succeed due to pressure from prominent people who were getting cheap labor from the slaves. The nullification crisis of 1832 had a hidden agenda unlike what it was believed to be commissioned to perform. The hidden agenda was the ability of the States to nullify some of the federal laws that might apply to slavery. The people who commissioned it believed that once the federal law passed that law, it would give them power on the issue regarding slavery. They will have the rights to nullify or abolish all the union of slavery or ensure that slavery is removed entirely in the country. However, the tariff effort failed, and it becomes apparent that the next logic movement that would be enhanced was secession. The accession of Texas brought more conflict to the issue of slavery.

The issue of slavery has been experienced in America since the 1600s but it was more experienced during the 1830s and 1840s due to the way some people came up with movement and unions to try to empower the federal government to abolish it. It led to much conflicting debates among the people who supported it and the individual who were against it.

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