Developing Cloud Apps: Knowledge, Experience, and Resilience - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-13


Any person who has develops an application has the knowledge and experience that any application designed for a platform which they expect to run is likely to perform well and can also become more resilient and can be managed easily by the system administrator. The same application can also perform well for both private and public use. There are very few people that understand how to design and develop a good cloud computer application architecture that can be used by a private user or by the public. The lack of such professionalism and expertise leads to the design and building of an application that performs poorly. As a result, such an application does not provide value that a business organization expects from it.

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In designing and building a suitable cloud application and its architecture, it is essential to design an application platform that provides the user with the value they deserve. The process and procedure are outlined below. It is a combination of both conventional software development methods and a new way of designing and building a cloud-based host application.

It is suitable to develop a Cloud-based application through the employment of various cloud services or API. It is created from data to services and brings together such services into single compound services or into a well-designed application that can serve various users. It is an architecture that is service-based or more service-oriented instead of developing coupled applications that rely on user interface instead of exposing the functions as services they can control. With the development of cloud architecture applications, you must understand that you are handling a complex distributed system capable of doing a couple of applications created on different services capable of decoupling from the data. Service applications can be separated physically to carry out efficient machine instances API managers and governance technology which offer service directories to track many services making the applications.

There is another benefit that can be derived from building a cloud application. Such benefit includes service reuse from other applications by breaking applications into multiple services capable of producing value when used alongside with other applications. This does not allow building a new application. To improve the efficiency of application it is necessary to combine single services.

Decoupling the data is very important in ensuring that there is a good cloud. This is because coupling the data is likely not to work properly. Since the public cloud is a complex distributed system that performs significantly when there is the use of architecture which disintegrates processing and data into various constituents. For the same reason, it is necessary to decouple the data to allow for the building of an application from services. After decoupling, it is possible to store and process the data for any officer. For instance, most organizations want their data to be in their local servers although has the intention to enjoy commodity virtual machine when using the public cloud.

The performance of any application is very important when building a new system. The catching system must also be added as it is capable of improving the performance of the database by ensuring that data is stored locally thus reducing read requests of the database back to the physical database. In designing an application that can ensure there is the optimization of communication, it is essential to combine communications in one stream of messages. This can be improved through an understanding of how the application will scale when there is an increase in the load. To ensure that a proper application that performs better is designed and built, it is essential to first model an application for evaluation to show how it works when there is an increase in load. When many people let say 100 people log on at the same time, it is important to understand how the application component is capable of handling the increase in the load.

It is also essential to monitor the application performance of the cloud-based application by the use of application-aware performance monitoring tools and ensure that you create interfaces to enhance monitoring. Furthermore, the application provider is required to be innate. To enhance the performance of the application, it is vital to introduce the security system to be within the application and it should not be made an afterthought as it used to be by most people who design and builds applications. Security is a necessary component when building a cloud application and therefore the cloud-based application must ensure that the security is systematic. It must be designed and built into the architecture to ensure there is no loss of customer data to unauthorized users. Ensure that an appropriate security approach or technology is chosen before developing the application. The chosen approach must fit the application to be built to enhance compliance and also to avoid other data level security issues that may arise. For example in healthcare organizations, there is a very important consideration that must be made as it stores data in a given way different from others. It must check the sensitivity of data stored in it as this require a given level of security control measure like encryption.

Most important, cloud-based applications should be able to leverage identity and must allow for access to management. An organization that built stable IAM minimizes the cost it incurs to enhance security and increase agility when configuring security for this kind of application. IAM forms an important part of the application that goes to the public cloud and this makes it a very important application used in cloud-based applications. The use of IAM is various organizations are a way of modernizing security initiatives to make the organization align with the requirement of the public cloud. It also offers free service to the organization as it ensures that there is a centralization of identity management. Therefore building a cloud-based application every step must be taken seriously including IAM as it reduces cost and increases the effectiveness of the application. The main reason is to ensure that the application is more secure and does not allow the loss of sensitive information to competitors, therefore the use of IAM enhance the security of the application.

It is therefore important to pay attention to various things that are required in designing and building an application. To ensure that there is no unnecessary mistake made when building an application. It is important to employ structured methodologies such as prototyping, testing, quality control, app security and other deployment strategies that improve the performance of cloud base applications. Therefore it is important to design and build an application that is more secure, less costly and efficient to guarantee users an effective cloud-based application.

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