Computer Ethics in the Workplace Essay

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Date:  2022-06-27

In an Organization, trust is an important virtue for a flourishing business environment. Computer Ethics is an area where trust is a key issue. In Computer Ethics, rules must be set to help bring the people working for the organization together. Nevertheless, it should be conducted in a way which shows respect for the employees. Beneficial rules can be given, and the training offered and the set regulations must be set in a way that helps to create a positive working environment, while at the time safeguarding the company's data (Weckert, 2017).

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Employees must be equipped with proper training to help them get full information and clear guidelines on the rules set aside for them. For example, an employee might carry home a device such as a hard drive, use it at home and bring it to work the next day with a virus. Managers must, therefore, equip new employees with worthwhile information. Also, managers should consider writing basic computer rules for constantly reminding employees who might forget. They should not assume that employees understand computer ethics (Backbone America, 2018). Therefore, they should train while giving examples to clearly communicate. Employees should thus monitor their employees and remind them of the computer ethics from time to time.

Employers should also be prohibited from using the office computers for their personal activities to help safeguard the company's information against walmare and viruses. Managers have the role of setting a good example for their employees by using their computers for the work-related purpose only (Backbone America, 2018). Also. Employees should be urged to focus on work during working hours rather than using the social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram which reduces the productivity of employees and leads to failure to meet deadlines (Backbone America, 2018). Computer monitoring is essential in helping the manager to determine the productivity of employees. In this case, it's ethical to let employees know that their usage of the computer is tracked to help minimize the personal usage of the office computers.

This topic is important to help equip employers with knowledge on how to avoid Computer misuse in the workplace and to help them realize the importance of equipping employees with knowledge and clear guideline regarding workplace computers. The topic also equips employees with knowledge on the importance of using workplace computers only for work-related purposes.

My experience with computers in my workplace was when I opened personal email using the office computer. At the end of the day, my Employer called me and questioned me regarding the personal use of the office computer. I had no knowledge on the personal use of the office computer. The manager called for a meeting and gave the guidelines to all employees in the company giving them clear instructions on computer ethics in the workplace.


Backbone America, (2018). Computer Ethics in the Workplace. Retrieved from, J. (2017). Computer ethics. Routledge.

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