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One of the most relevant actions to take to find the right audience target is to use data before making investments, open a business, and for marketing purposes. By using the data, companies can research and find the most appropriate audience that would be more likely to use their services. The data can be used by researching demographics such as age, race, income, and general lifestyle of a specific population. Nonetheless, using data can help companies succeed and improve their profits by helping the companies to decide where to invest in advertising or where to open a business. The data can show how people use products in their daily activities. For example, advertising geriatrics products in a city where the population is 100% under 30 years of age would not be financially beneficial because young people are not a target audience for geriatric products. They would have no interest in buying products like wheelchairs. However, advertising a game store or entertainment point would be more appropriate because young people are most likely to be interested in such products and services.

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In order to choose the right zip code for the company "Better you!', data was used to segment and target the right audience. It was achieved by comparing age groups, incomes, lifestyle, then summing the data up. The outcome resulted in identifying the right population, location, and needs for using 'Better you!' services. By comparing which zip code/demographic area is more likely to be interested in health products and fitness, it refined the audience targeting process. When considering opening a business, it is crucial to research all the factors that would affect the consumer market. Therefore, it is necessary to plan and target the audience, thus assuring that the business would be financially beneficial to advertise and invest in marketing in a specific location.

By analyzing data in (, 2019) website, the zip code 90035 (West Los Angeles) offered the best selection to invest in marketing and advertising the "Better you!" company due to the population and lifestyle. The data identified numerous critical aspects that would promote the advertisement for "Better you!" services. Among them is that the population consists of individuals mostly aged the mid-30s to mid-40s. Additionally, it has a significant number of retired individuals. Therefore, the age groups identified offer recognition of the market demand for medical services.

Additionally, the local income is between $50,000 and $100,000 annually. The data identifies that the region is financially capable of purchasing the services. The local income is a critical aspect to consider as the other factors may lure businesses; however, the community may not afford it. The assessment of West Los Angeles has identified numerous positive attributes for marketing in the region. By using data, it refines marketing, thereby increasing the market base as well as revenue.

However, there is the other consideration that the data might be inaccurate or missing; for example, there may be data entry or processing errors like:

No valid data item entered (software sets a missing value), lost pages of a paper questionnaire, among others.

Interviewer errors: data not collected for some questions, interrupted the interview among others.

Data preparation errors when creating derived variables like forgetting a logical condition for a subset of observations, domain errors (resulting from undefined algebraic operations like division by 0 or logarithms of negative numbers).

Therefore, it marks the reasoning for companies to use different strategies to gather more information. It is by performing both primary and secondary marketing surveys. Some examples are:

Primary marketing surveys, which included:

  • Focus groups: by bringing a group of people together to understand their collective experience.
  • Surveys: a list of questions is made by phone or by mail.
  • Interviews: individual interviews.
  • Observations: watch how the customer interacts with the product.
  • Secondary marketing surveys, which included:
  • Competitor information
  • Government reports
  • Reputable websites
  • Online periodicals

Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is a marketing strategy methodology where: "…we divided the audience into smaller groups base on the characteristics they have in common" (Benyamin Elias, 2018). Some characteristics included behavior, geography, demographics, and individual needs, once the groups are established, they are placed together, and the marketing process is made more personalized towards them. For "Better you!" company, the audience targeting data was used by created a group with people that have a similar interest in health and fitness, similar income and are living in the same geographic area. It is achieved by compiling the age groups, health data, dietary habits, and other critical information that may aid in understanding the local population.

Using data such as income provides numerous appreciations of the individual's lifestyle when combined with their health data. Such compilations are critical when addressing personalized marketing. Moreover, the data can be used in collaboration with local governments to further personalize the data needed for marketing. They are critical as they will influence the reach of the message intended by the marketing exercise. Some of the critical information that can be attained include

The number of people that have access to the internet and smartphones.

The number of people that prefer the convenient way of taking care of their fitness instead of traditional ways such as: hiring a personal trainer or a dietician.

The number of populations that can afford the services provided by the "Better you!"

Messaging Strategy

Some steps must be followed to create a message that will meet the needs of the audience. They include creating a call to action than a message that would make your target.

In the case of the message, the delivery would be, "How to stay healthy and fit through a convenient app." The message is clear, easy to read, and engages the target audience by calling them to take any action over their wellness through the app that provides the solution. The message should attract most of the population in the zip code are of 90035 since those are people that either has a busy schedule or older people that would find it less risky to leave their houses. The message should also be given a timeframe to be delivered timely and in the right opportunity.

However, based on statistics, social media platforms offer the best marketing response and reach. In West Los Angeles, social media marketing offers the best means of creating awareness, increasing app usage, and communicating directly to communities. Among the commonly used platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. They have the highest traffic in terms of social media activity in the region. Nevertheless, the elderly population does not use social media as frequently; therefore, it would require the use of magazines to market the application. Some of the more common magazines used include Vogue, The Times, and Forbes, among others. Though magazines are still common among the elderly populace, a common trend is that they have smartphones. Push notifications can be utilized to enable clients to receive messages updating them on the modifications as well as promotions and opportunities for utilizing the application. The strategy is to increase consumer satisfaction, thereby promoting the service.

Message Strategy Key Metrics

Some of the key metrics to measure to determine the success of the brand's message should be made by first evaluating the media impact on the message. For example, by analyzing the number of people that are assessing the social media application weekly. Documenting the impact of the message on the identified target audience. It can be useful for making future changes, thereby improving message efficacy. Additionally, the number of downloads, as well as subscriptions, offer suitable identification of the efficacy of the message (Kim & Ko, 2012). Feedback from consumers as they download the application can offer a better understanding of the needs of the local population. The outcome of compiling the few metrics identified among the numerous that exist is a personalized marketing strategy that addresses the target audience directly, prompting them to purchase the services (Kim & Ko, 2012). However, it is critical to appreciate the fact that the objectives of the product determine the message, and efficacy of the marketing process.


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