Culture Web and the Strategy of Adnams Essay

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Date:  2022-08-10


Culture web involves storytelling to the members of the organization, outsiders and recruits. The stories are embedded in the history of the culture and the new flag up of events that enhance the learning of people's personalities (The Culture Web., 2008). The culture's aspect of storytelling to members and recruits is mostly concerned with the success of the community, the heroes and ways of disaster management portrayed by the culture. The relevant data is what makes the culture to engage in storytelling (Johnson, Scholes, & Whittington, 2014). The web outlines that there are various important symbols like cars, titles, logos and language terminologies. Also, reward systems are symbolic in their way.

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The Strategy of Adnams

Adnam uses power structures which portrays how power is distributed across the organization. Additionally, there is a strategic drift at Adnams based on the fact the company is investing so much on expansion and growth but only managing to survive the problem of being "stuck in the middle" (Verity and James, 2014). Also, the culture portrays to have several sources of power which feature the culture's structure. The power structure is mostly associated with core beliefs and assumptions of the organization (Martinez, Vazquez-Brust, Peattie & Zokaei, 2012). Adnam's organizational structure offers a chance for collaboration or competition. The organization focuses on redefining the possible parameters for relaxation amid the encouragement of employees as a way of taking part in the organizational culture. The culture focuses on pursuance of independence which is a concept that the organization upholds while managing production.

The Factors that Make Adnam Successful

The firm is successful since it incorporates reward systems that offer incentives for groups and individuals levels. The reward system enhances the urge of the stakeholders to keep improving their work in the organization.

The Future Adnam's Strategy

The future of Adnam needs to be made of the local market as a way of delivering the services and products demanded. Future Adnam should focus on control systems as the primary strategic management for monitoring the firm's systems. However, in time the venturing out into new businesses will be profitable for Adnams.


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