Culture Shapes Future: A Study of Children's Beliefs & Behaviors - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-04-26


Culture in which we are brought up has a significant influence on the individual beliefs, behaviors, values as well as the overall attitudes. Additionally, for an appropriate provision of an effective as well as sensitive care to the community. On the broader study, there is a need to consider children as the overhaul community, where culture sets its overall foundation, wherein the future a person is configured to have his understanding from his cultural background. The study is therefore designed to offer an apparent modification to ensure there is aesthetic appreciation in children as the most appropriate minority group.

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Considerably, there is a need to consider the concept of culture modification with the involvement of cultural competence. With essential relation to children, cultural competence entails proper understanding as well as understanding different factors that affect the culture of a child. These factors include ethnicity, identification of gender, language background, as well as the age of the children. Similarly, with the overall modification of the program, there is a need to develop cultural competence, which should be viewed as the dynamic as well as a complex activity that, in general, requires a concrete understanding of an individualist culture. Furthermore, it requires effective modification, which in reality shall aid upon an understanding of other children's literature as the community to consider.

In the United States, the highly diverse group is comprised of children, where through their age, they are expected to make this great nation more divergent as the age gracefully increases. The main reason to consider this age is the essence of thinking that come the year 2030, the high number of these children shall have attained the adult stage, where the high number of them are the young children who are in their low level of learning presently (Leedy & Ormrod, 2016). Moreover, while working closely with children, there is a need to consider several factors which in according to several researchers, it is quite clear to understand the aspect of modification of the program in general.

Factors To Consider In Modification Of The Program Upon Making It To Be Culturally Appropriate

To begin with, there is a need to understand both cultural identities as well as beliefs. This dictates that there is a need to have a complete checklist, which should be culturally based, to ensure there is a total creation of competency. Similarly, there is a need to be aware of individual beliefs, also configuring out the manner through which they should influence other cultures.

Understanding the community is where the children come from aids in the modification of culture. Through this, there is a need to know as well as joining the social activities, where it's more appropriate to join the children in their school setup. The action shall also dictate the need for accessing the demographic reports, which shall offer clear guidance on the number of races that are availed in the area of interest for an individual. Considerably, there is a need to learn on the individual's culture, which should be through the experience, that can be recorded from listening, engaging, and even reading the already published documents specifically to gain a proper understanding.

The need to know the children's families is also a crucial factor to consider. For appropriate modification of the culture, there is a need to know the parents of the children, an action that can only be done by inviting the parents of the children for an open forum. Through this, there is a need to talk to individual parents, where the talk is expected to unveil higher level of information that can be relied upon appropriate (Netting et al. 2008). The forum should also create an avenue where positive news is expected to be shared in general.

Setting a stage where much information can be exchanged is also an appropriate way of modifying the program, and thus making it more relevant (Netting et al. 2008). A good example is setting off the stage, where positive interaction with the children shall be enhanced. The scene should aid upon reaching out to all the respective children, where different form the open forum with their parents, then the child shall be given time to air her pros and cons about her culture. Moreover, during this particular session, there is a need to ask the children more typical and general questions, where one can act and take on the role of a parent (Leedy & Ormrod, 2016). At some point, there is a need to ask more queries, even beyond the level of a parent, although there must be consideration of ethics.

Knowing the children as their second parent is also very essential. The action involves understanding the learner's level of language understanding. Thus, ask the children how many languages they do understand just before criticizing their communication ability (Leedy & Ormrod, 2016). Furthermore, through understanding the children's level of knowledge, which goes hand-on with the level of languages the children do talk, it comes out clear that understanding as well as modifying the individual culture shall be realized with due time.


With the study considering the aspect of culture as the most concrete ideology, the research has indicated the most crucial factors that should be composed while on the verge of modifying the overall lifestyle.


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