Creative Writing: A Photographer Goes on a Killing Spree

Paper Type:  Creative writing
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  560 Words
Date:  2021-06-24

A photographer goes on a killing spree after his wife who was a model profession committed suicide after damaging implication on her skin from an accident and losing her job.

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Present Day: The death of his wife devastates the photographer by which he chooses to isolate himself from the rest of the world. He is no longer jovial and friendly to his neighbors. He moves away to a new location with the hope that he may start his life afresh. However, the image of his wife lying on the bathroom floor with her hands grasping the knife on her stomach tightly cannot seem to fade away. He gets nightmares which have resulted in sleepless nights. The more the image shows up, the angrier he gets. His wife was his high school sweetheart, and everything appeared to be heading in the right direction before the accident took place. He recalls the argument that they had the morning before she killed herself. He had gotten tired of her self-pity and saw it wise to speak his mind. He left for work as usual only to be called by the police that he needed to rush home. Apparently, the wife had made the call to 911 requests for help. By the time the ambulance got there, she was dead.

The photographer does not want to create any social life in his neighborhood and instead spends most of the time with his dog. He eventually becomes obsessed with avenging his wifes death. His view is that if the chemical were not placed in her changing room, the accident would not have taken place and his wife would not have lost her job and would still be alive. He takes a job at the modeling agency as a professional photographer to understand the causes of the accident and who were responsible for it. He uses a different name and address such that no one can make a connection between his wife and him. However, his obsessions get hold of him such that he opts to murder the models one by one. His first group is the models that worked with his wife. His technique is befriending them to gain access to their information, stalk them and then kill them. He puts on a mask to hide his identity and wears gloves to prevent any marks that may betray him. The reports of the deaths keep coming up one by one such that the police become highly involved. By the time the photographer is the fourth model, his mind is completely haywire. The police try and trace the patterns associated with the murder from the time the news of the first victim emanated. His last victim on his wifes friends list manages to get away which makes the police highly involved. The photographer experiences another breakdown and plans to murder the rest of the models in the agency. One of the detectives identifies a pattern from the time that the photographer began to work in the agency. He discovers that the victims were connected to the photographers wife and hence make a plan to capture him. They trace him till his new address, break into his house and find various photos of models in his basement. From the photos, they identify the next victim, and thats when he gets caught when trying to kill the model.

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