Creating Positive Social Impact Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

Social change involves alterations in behavioral patterns and cultural practices peace in the community. Positive change, therefore, refers the changes that improve the welfare of the population in a given setting. One of the positive cultural differences is the emergence of democracy which guarantees to give people fair representation, rights and freedoms and social equality through inclusive economic development. Social change is significantly influenced by the government as the policymakers as it formulates regulations about creating enabling environment. The private sector has over the years played a significant role in shaping social change. The government's role in effecting social change lies in two categories: Regulation and Funding.

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The Australian government is investing in the private sector by creating an enabling business environment through regulations for them to develop projects that improve the welfare of the citizens. Several ways are being used by the government and the NFT to call for social change and impact positively.

The Australian government today funds and delivers many social welfare services such as schools, health services, security net, environmentally sustainable development projects, etc. All these projects are crucial in enabling positive cultural transformations towards informed, healthy and secure nation growth. Among the social impact investments, the Australian government has initiated the Social Impact Bonds, Social Impact Investment Funds, Social enterprises, etc. The government has also collaborated with private investors in funding investments that not only provide good financial returns but are also aligned with promoting positive social welfare, e.g., energy companies.

The government has also worked together with service providers (for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations such as NGOs and charity groups) to provide sufficient welfare services to their people. Through favorable tax and business regulations, the government has created enabling environment for efficient and quality service delivery for its citizenry. One of the ways that the government is facilitating positive social change is through the Growing Impact Investing which demands innovative thinking and focused action to build the practice and create viable investment vehicles that best suit the local context and opportunities have been put into place. With the supply of capital and proper investments, has to lead to robust impact driven by propositions and organizations. People together with the structures that facilitate supply and demand coming together have facilitated investments and social change.


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