Coupa Software HRM Situation Essay Example

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Date:  2022-07-25


To begin with, Coupa Software is regarded as an open source e-procurement system for midsize enterprises. The company plans a software-as-a-service version as well as provides a business version in beta. In particular, the aforementioned organization is an international technology platform for business spends management (BSM). It is noteworthy that the firm plays a vital part in helping small, medium, as well as large organizations, gain visibility into as well as control over the financial resources and cash spent within their companies. With that said, the paper at hand analyzes the HRM situation of the organization mentioned above. In this case, performance management is a vital aspect to clarify the company's HRM strengths and weaknesses. On the same note, some solutions are proposed based on human resource theories.

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It is important to understand that Coupa Software plays an integral role in offering saving-as-a-service software that saves through operational efficiency, cost management, spend avoidance, cash management, as well as spend optimization. The company has disruptive as well as innovative cloud spend management technology that assists organizations to manage their indirect spending as well as produce savings that go directly to the bottom line. With that said, Coupa Software's performance management involves suppliers information management (Brodkin, 2007). In this case, Coupa Software HRM ensures that it acquires the supplier data as well as certification with supplier self-service that works. On the same note, the firm's HRM department improves compliance by mitigating disruptions while staying on top of the information they require for policy as well as regulatory compliance. Similarly, to enhance performance, the company ensures that it reduces the AP workload. In particular, HRM makes sure that AP gets the data it requires without struggling, which enhances supplier relationships.

Strengths and Weaknesses


The company's HRM ensures employee development through coaching, training, as well as mentoring. Specifically, the aforementioned department uses the preceding techniques that assist workers to become successful within the company where their career begins on HR representatives' desks (Pollock, 2018). These HRM advocates for not only organizational mentorship but also coaching schemes that take part in helping workers excel and heighten engagement.

Coupa Software HRM is developed to bridge the prevalent gap between workers and employers. In particular, the department is regarded as the workers' voice. On the same note, the department provides protection via its existence. In case of conflicts, employees are directed to HR where they receive adequate advice as well as guidance.

The company's HR professionals specialize in various aspects that range from compensation as well as benefits to employment law. Specifically, Coupa Software depends on human resource management to meet regulations as well as remaining current on both regional and national expectations. Weaknesses

Coupa Software's HRM is not financially minded. It is time for the department understands the way financial data as well as analytics influences management and hiring decisions. In this case, the HRM department should comprehend that the efficiency of funds is fundamental for workers satisfaction and the health of the business.

The company's HRM is a bit slow in adopting innovative processes, which in turn slow to get tasks completed. Therefore, Coupa Software must integrate HR information as well as analytics to connect itself to the firm's strategic direction.

It is unfortunate that Coupa Software's HRM is less customer focused. At this point, a disconnect occurs between external outcomes and internal practices. For instance, the company's KPIs revolve around hiring as well as controlling metrics, such as productivity, retention, and time to hire (Pollock, 2018). In most cases, the department is considered with employees' productivity and do not consider the needs of customers who are affected by the firm's internal adjustments.

Possible Solutions

It is evident that Coupa Software experiences a number of weaknesses that require immediate solutions. For instance, the company's HRM experiences lack strategic foundation, which in turn contributes to slow adoption of innovative processes. In this case, the organization should collaborate with its operations team to develop an effective strategic foundation. Additionally, it must integrate HR information as well as analytics to connect HR to the organization's strategic direction. In fact, information plays a vital role in informing better strategy within human resource as well as speaks common language throughout departments.

In addition, Coupa Software' HRM department is less customer focused. To solve the weakness mentioned above, the firm is required to comprehend the external environment to make sure its business success. What is more, individuals who do not work in the department should take the time to recognize that the HR team is focused on clients. In this case, Coupa Software HRM should consider the demands of customers (Pollock, 2018). Lastly, Coupa Software's HRM should understand that the efficiency of funds is vital for the company's health as well as workers satisfaction. Although the department spends considerable financial resources to generate productive employees, it must understand funds efficiency is crucial. In simple terms, it is important for the company to comprehend the available strengths and weaknesses to develop effective solutions for its success.


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