Conflict Management for Manager - Course Work Example

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Date:  2021-06-23

Managing Conflict Construction Megaprojects: Leadership and Third-Party Principles by Lee L. Anderson JR., and Brian Polkinghorn is an interesting article that explores the importance of leader having conflict resolution skills especially when they are tasked with managing complex and technical projects. Often large scale construction projects have complex relationships and are interdependent. Moreover, it is important that partnering between private and public organization is in good condition and there are specific partnering skills that are necessary for the success of a big project like Woodrow Wilson Bridge project. The data collected during the Woodrow Wilson Bridge replacement project in the more than eight years illustrated that partnering efficiency was measured through collaboration and not as a result of bid results or regional/ national between construction contracts. Furthermore, the article has emphasized that good partnership associated with the team satisfaction being very high with the schedule results and the budgets. Therefore, it is paramount that the leaders have the needed conflict resolution skills so as to ensure there are good relations in the teams that will ultimately provide real partnerships in megaprojects.

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Over the period of 2017 to 2025 there is a projected increase in the transportation sector infrastructure investment with an annual rate of approximately 5% worldwide. There is a projected ready market for the private-led transportation capital projects as opposed to the previous years where the government initiatives led the cost of the transportation projects. The continual merger that is being experienced by the administration and the private sector when it comes to the mega transport projects, there is a need for the leader to know how to deal with the partnerships adequately. Conflict resolution skills are critical during the mergers. Also, many of the transport projects entail long time frame, and there is a likelihood of the people losing track of the expectations. Therefore, it is paramount that the leaders are in constant supervision of the proceeding on the field when the schedules are correctly organized there is a reduction in conflict raising and also the budgets will not spill over to unmanageable amounts.

Last summer I attended a Home Owners Association in my neighborhood that hoped to address the rising concerns of the Homeowners with the fear presented by them especially with the instability experienced in the real estate. The leadership of the Association did their best to try and calm the spiraling of unmanaged conflicts that had resulted in the history of antagonistic relationships between the regulatory forums and the community. With the continual mega projects that are being conducted in the real estates with more apartments raising every month, the people had fears that the home values in place of appreciating in value will depreciate at a very fast rate. Therefore, so as to rest the community fears and anger, the leaders ought to have assured the people there were collaboration measures that were being set in motion so as to ensure there was a smooth public-private partnership developed by the homeowners and the private developers. The media has a significant role to play in public disputes as often they are blamed for highlighting the negative news especially when there is extensive cooperation involved. Therefore, during the meeting, the leaders could have designed and facilitate effective large group processes of the assembly. The media has the capability to calm the home owners and assure them the collaborations that have been set by the leaders with the private developers will address their worries.

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