Compare and Contrast Essay Example: Method of Communication Used Today and That Used In The Past

Date:  2021-04-02 04:51:05
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Communication has always been a part of American culture since it has been the most crucial part of peoples social life. Over a period, the means of communication has transformed making people live in different advancements in technology. This paper will juxtapose the different ways of communication that were used earlier and also the ways used now. As places and individuals changed, so did the need to send longer messages as well as sending them to a far distance. People, therefore, replaced ways of communication as time went by.

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Communication in the Past

Communication was used through letters. The letters would be taken to places and also to near places, but at the end, they would arrive where they were supposed to. As time went by, the method became common, and other new ways of communication emerged. In early 1792, the Telegraph method arose.

Telegraph is a method that is used to transmit information alongside a wire from a farther place. It was used in creating signals whereby the electric connection is marked and broken.

Telegraph provided people a substitute method to pass information apart from the hand writing way which relied on a horseman to deliver. In 1800, more changes were felt as communication underwent tremendous change. It was in this era that the radio and television were introduced. People could therefore get new devices that made communication easier and efficient.

Advertisement, messages, and news were disseminated much faster and more people could be reached faster. The individuals in that period if compared to communication in this era, they could have considered radio, telephone, letter and telegraph to be like public communication.

Communication has always been a crucial part of humanitys social life. Throughout the history, technology has played a great impact on method of communication that was used in earlier days. Smoke was used as a means of communication from one mountain to another. This method could not be relied on by most people since the smoke could only send few simple messages.

The use of a carrier pigeon is another way of communication that was used in the past. The pigeons were well trained for that purpose whereby they could carry a letter to the places that they were destined to arrive. The use of pigeon carrier was later replaced with the use of fax and e-mail which was an ordinary means of communication. The more the urge of people to communicate faster grew, the more they moved towards globalization. The period was more influenced by the methods of communication that are used in recent times.

Method of Communication that is used today

Today people from diverse parts of the world can be contacted without having to take a horse, send a pigeon or even make a journey with the foot. Electronic communication like the use of radio and television, telephone and computer have been revolutionizing the way people communicate in the present times. The discovery of the computer enable exploration to new ways of communication to grow rampantly as the population is on the increase. As evolution in technology grew, the internet is more common and also more easy to use compared to nonprogrammers. People can access the use of chats and emails for quick communication, therefore. The assessment of internet was made allowing people to carry out mainstreaming whereby they were more successful on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and others. The new platforms have opened the world to a reformed approach of communication that involves bringing the whole world together as a global village.

Many scientific inventions give the view of the world and how it has expanded. With communication ways in this era, the world seems to be smaller than it used to be in the times when the ancient Romans existed. The fact remains that the 21st generation is not that better off than the Romans, but communication has certainly made it easier for the world to be a better place with easier time to disseminate and give feedback.

Today the oral and literal method of communication has been the same since the use of telephones, text messages and internet program chats have aimed to develop faster fulfilling the intended purpose of discussion. The inventors and the developers of those methods are also aiming to go beyond and come up with a faster, cheaper and multi-tasking gadgets that are reliable for efficient communication.

Communication has only been changing to match the individuals needs. Beside this purpose, the easier and more advanced means of communication has helped shape our lifestyles. The use of mobile phones is the most important thing in the present era to carry apart from the identity card, the keys and also the wallet.

From the way, communication methods have transformed and its difference, it is not hard for someone to predict the future communication since technology has been developing into wireless, smaller and cheaper gadgets with multi- tasking abilities

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