Communication With Parents Is Very Important After You Move Out

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Date:  2022-05-17

I live in Long Island New York and my parents are back in Canada. My father moved back there after he lost his job in New York but after going back to Canada with him, I hated the experience and came back to New York. I want to make my parents proud by graduating with a degree in cybersecurity to show them that I can make it in life. I have realized that it is vital to ensure regular communication with parents even after moving out.

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Parents raise their children to grow into responsible members of the society. Raising kids through infancy all the way to adulthood requires dedication, love, and sacrifice since there are usually plenty of hurdles along the way. Parents overcome many difficulties and carry out their duties diligently to ensure that their kids never lack for anything. As people grow and mature, it comes a time when one must leave their parent's house to pursue higher education or live elsewhere. My parents have done a lot to raise me into who I am today by sacrificing a lot over the years. I think I owe them the debt of gratitude since there are many kids out here that have been neglected by their parents.

Children become the main focus of their parents after they are born. Parents pursue careers and spend a significant part of their productive lives bringing up their kids in the best conditions possible, denying themselves at times. It is apparent that we children become the main project in our parent's lives and it would be cruel to leave upon maturity and cut off communication. After leaving home, I think it is important to maintain close contacts because parents will experience a sense of loss at watching someone they have had close to them all their lives leaving to be alone. My parents should be able to feel like their efforts turned out for the best by witnessing the success of their kid after leaving home.

If I was a parent, I would be very worried if my children left home and ceased to communicate with me. It would give me sleepless nights as I wonder whether they do not love or care about me since they do not even bother to know how I am doing. It is one of the other reasons why I find it vital to keep communicating with my parents on a regular basis. Talking, or even texting, will maintain the bond that has held families together over the years. Parents will be happy when they hear from their kids and understand that they are okay. Spending their days at home means that parents have a lot of time to reminisce and get nostalgic over the past, which is centered around their kids. Therefore, talking to them on a regular will keep their spirits uplifted. There are many evil happenings in this world and parents are genuinely worried about the safety of their kids even after they grow up. Maintaining communication will give them the much-needed peace of mind.


The love and care of parents cannot be replaced by anything. Their sacrifice and dedication in bringing us up is a duty that they carry out with consistency throughout our lives. It is essential to maintain communication with them to make them feel happy and proud of their diligent efforts over the years.

Thank you.

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