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Clifford Geertz defines cultured as connections of collective meanings, understandings, and the making of sense. The theory of culture as a metaphor of an organization's life was stimulated by western appeal with the success of Japan's economy. According to Pacanowsky, culture is more than one changeable aspect in the research of the organization. Pacanowsky describes that each organization has a particular culture. The cooperate culture is the environment that surrounds each company and consist of the image, character, and climate of the organization.

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The theory has a goal to bring out the symbolic definition of the way that people behave within their cultures. For instance, to find out who individuals think they are, the things they believe they are performing and how and where they feel they are doing. The theory explains that cultures are learned by stories or metaphors (Emory, 265). The types of accounts include personal, corporate and collegial. The culture of the organization can, therefore, be derived from the performances of the employees. The strength of this theory is that it is possible to describe what culture is through metaphors, stories, and rituals. The limitation of the approach is criticized by corporate professional that culture within an organization should be influenced by knowledge.

An example of the application of this theory is the Glee club which is an organization with its own culture. The substance of the culture is found in their motto that states that brotherhood, integrity, and truth. Many of the stories are told to help give meaning about the club. Every told story of the club such as the spring Banquet as the rite for Glee club defines the culture of the club.

Stanley Deetz of Colorado University developed the critical theory of organization. The goal of the approach is to recover the possibility of simple negotiations of command. The approach thus diverges from the view that organizations have all powers to make decisions and provides ideas for achieving a successful democratic reform for communication. Deetz explains that an organization can be useful in decision making when everyone is including the workers and investors is involved (Emory, 282). Deetz critically reviews the actions of the organization and their willingness to do good for the company.

Additionally, the theory explains the position that corporates holds in the society and people define their success according to their work and the cooperation's achievements. The theory criticizes corporations with their obsession with power and control. In his opinion, Deetz suggests an interpersonal constructionism model as an alternative form of many communication theories.

Deetz believes in stakeholder participation which means that everyone who is affected by the cooperate policy should be able to participate in decision making. The theory uncovers the activities in an organization that is considered as unfair and ill-advised communicative practices (Emory, 276). Therefore, for financial increase, corporations ought to take into account the diverse human interests.

An example of the theory is seen from the movie Rodger and Me, where the second-in-command is describing his actions as just doing the requirements of his work when he follows the orders to inform people that they are being cast out of their homes. He does what he is required to do to avoid conflict although the action is unethical. This scenario is explained by Deetz when he says that the success of the corporation is not as a result of total control from management.

Work Cited

Griffin, Emory A. A first look at communication theory/Em Griffin. New York: McGraw-Hill,, 2012.

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