Coca Cola: Brand Name, Sales, & Promotions for Optimal Refreshment - Essay Sample

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Coca Cola is a public corporation that deals in the production of soft drinks. The brand name, sales, and promotions are some of the key messages the company deploys (Petit, 2011). The vision of the company revolves around the production of soft drinks that people love for their refreshment. The company's mission aims at inspiring the world by creating optimism and happiness conditions through the use of drinks (Austin & Gaither, 2016). As such, the company is grounded on the value of leadership, collaboration, integrity, and accountability. The brand promise focuses on refreshing the world in mind, body, and spirit.

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In recent days, there have been issues on the company bottling and packaging systems. This occurred due to more rules, which have been set toward environmental protection (Austin & Gaither, 2016). The media is so concerned about how the company is working toward the issue. Despite the issue appearing positive, there is a lot of negative information revolving on the production of the company.

In Coca Cola, communication is done by several media such as Instagram, Facebook, email, Twitter, phone calls, and much more (Pavaloaia et al., 2019). Usually, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the most common media forums that clients highly participate in (Hudak et al., 2017). In the forums, clients share their brand perception, complaints, and any other information regarding company performance.

Coca Cola is one of the companies that have high social media mentions. Due to high-quality products, a large number of clients are so pleased by how the company produces and handles customers (Hudak et al., 2017). Most of the brands the company produces have a positive compliment, which is a good indicator of quality products (Abbasi, 2017). As such, the company uses the information to understand ways to maintain and improve clients' perceptions. Additionally, the sentiment ratio is high, which has promoted a positive brand perception. Based on the platforms, Coca-Cola is the keyword that most customers use.

In most parts of the world, the company has established foundations that support many communities. For instance, in America, the company has an awareness foundation that informs communities about the effects of diseases such as HIV/AIDS (Barlow et al., 2018). In most parts of Africa, the company has established education programs that help local communities to access quality education, which is a crucial aspect of life improvement. As a way of enhancing customers' trust, most of these programs are featured in different articles and their website (Barlow et al., 2018). The approach gives customers an easier way to understand various techniques the company is using to improve the life of the community.

Most of the company's financial coverage is available online. The approach gives the public a chance to access and determine the financial performance of the company (Li, 2019). Additionally, new investors tend to use the available financial information before making their move toward the company. Based on the percentage performance within a financial year, the company communicates through the introduction of promotions to ensure all customers are maintained (Austin & Gaither, 2016). The company also provides information on either the annual profit or loss that has been incurred within a particular period. For instance, in 2019, the company reported an increase in profit from $ 31. 9 billion in 2018 to $34.8 in 2019 (Li, 2019). This was a positive illustration of how the company is performing.

Coca Cola is one of the companies that highly influence the economic growth in the United States. The approach has been contributed by the large revenue income the company brings to the country (Wood et al., 2020). Additionally, the company has promoted public relationships by the establishment of foundations, which have become a crucial benefit to the citizens (Hudak et al., 2017). In several seasons, the company has participated in politics by funding political leaders during their campaigns. Huge donations have given some political leaders advantages, thus promoting their rise to power (Gaither & Austin, 2016). Policy formulation is a key topic that the company considers. Usually, policy formulation has a great influence on the production and performance of the company.

In Coca Cola, everyday news is critical since they provide more information about market performance. Market information is essential as it provides data about competitors and other new approaches that companies are using to enhance their production. Through the information, the companies have managed to introduce new products such as Coca-Cola zero sugar, which has assisted in accommodating all people, even those individuals who have health issues (Alalwan et al., 2017). Additionally, the company is so concerned about understanding new policies the government is formulating and its effects on production. Learning about the news coverage gives the management room to establish new approaches and changes to ensure they abide by the new system (Hudak et al., 2017). Clients' needs are another crucial news coverage the company highly seeks to understand. Customers are the base of the company; therefore, the company must be so much interested in learning how to serve and fulfill their needs.

The success of Coca Cola Company is bounded on its effectiveness toward advertisements. Usually, the company highly relies on the advertisement to reach as many customers as possible. Currently, the company is using published, visual, and aural media to advertise its products. In published media, the company mostly uses newspapers, magazines, internets, and much more (Hudak et al., 2017). On the other hand, visual and aural media includes television, radio, posters, billboards, and direct emails. Through advertisement, the company has managed to reach as many customers as possible, and this has played a vital role in its success (Gaither & Austin, 2016). Additionally, the company has managed to educate clients about various products. The approach has attracted a large number of customers to engage in traits, which promote the success of new products.

Analysis Questions

Most of the information the company receives are grounded on complimentary, comment, and complain. The success of the product influences a large number of customers to compliment the company for the good work it is doing. Through the approach, the company has managed to attract other new clients (Abbasi, 2017). On the other hand, the company receives messages on clients' complaints, especially due to product failure or poor workers' relationships. Through the information, the company has managed to introduce new approaches that help to control negative perceptions (Gaither & Austin, 2016). The management believes that clients' feedback is a crucial approach that triggers to success.

If the company was a person, I would describe it as friendly, generous, hand working, kind, and popular. These personalities are influenced by a good connection the company has embraced toward its customers (Alalwan et al., 2017). The company is hand-working since it is striving to introduce new products and branches in different parts of the world. Additionally, the company is generous since it has several foundations that assist in raising the living condition of people.

As a way of improving company media performance, it is crucial for the management to highly invest in technology. Through the approach, the company will introduce new techniques, which will assist in collecting market and clients' information at first-rate (Hudak et al., 2017). Additionally, it is crucial for the company to partner with sports programs, which are some of the activities that bring a large number of people together (Gaither & Austin, 2016). In such an activity, the company should introduce promotions to ensure a large number of clients enjoy during their sports program.

Based on the current technology system, the understanding of media frames have become an essential approach the company is using to comprehend the internal and external environment (Alalwan et al., 2017). Through understanding, companies have managed to collect essential information that has highly influenced their performance (Gaither & Austin, 2016). Additionally, understanding about media frame assists companies to convey and process information, which improves their connection with clients.

Based on the analysis, the strength of the company revolves around its strong brand identity due to its popularity. The company has an extended world reach since it sells in more than 200 countries (Gaither & Austin, 2016). Additionally, the company has a dominant market share, which has been attained due to its loyal customers. On weakness bases, the company faces high competition from other firms such as Pepsi. The company has also been associated with health and environmental issues (Abbasi, 2017). On the other hand, the high application of media created more opportunities, which has highly influenced the company to continue producing new products. Furthermore, the good supply chain has increased customer connection, this promoting customers' connection. The company is nowadays facing several threats such as packaging controversial, especially due to the high application of plastic materials.


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