Characteristics of the Crime Scene

Date:  2021-03-09 05:21:35
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The crime scene is a bedroom judging from the presence of a bed. The room has a well-dressed bed that does not seem that it had been slept on. There is a lamp on top of the small cabinet that is placed just adjacent to the door. The room has only has one door. The victim of the crime is lying on a carpet in the floor with her undergarments. She is wearing a t-shirt as a top. The reason as to why these scenes were processes is the bloodstains on the wall and door. Additionally, the victim of the crime is found in that bedroom. Therefore, it is highly likely that the actual crime happened in that bedroom.

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Conditions of the Scene

There are large stains of blood on the wall of the house adjacent to the door. Additionally, the door has been stained with blood too. The victim lies on the floor on top of the carpet lifeless. From the blood stained t-shirt, there is evidence of injury on the ribs. Where she is lying is on a pool of blood. Although the bed is clean and properly dressed, the stains of blood on the door, wall and where the victim is sleeping portrays a mix of colors.

Environmental Conditions

The weather was a bit cold but with no rains. Being inside the bedroom, the weather outside could not affect the scene of the crime. However, being that cold meant that the bloodstains everywhere are frozen. However, this did not substantially affect the physical evidence. The light bulb implies that the crime was committed at nigh time.

Scene Documentation

The photographs from the scene area were taken using a camera without any magnification and editing. A rough scene sketch was prepared with estimate arrangements and measurements. Placards were at different locations and tagged with the following;

Placard 1: a small cabinet with a lamp on top undisturbed

Placard 2: a well dressed bed undisturbed

Placard 3: a closed door

Placard 4: body lying on a pool of blood

Search Techniques

The search technique used was that of fingerprints and DNA. In this regard, there were latent figure prints on the neck part of the victim. Some others were found on the doors. Footprints were found on the path leading to the crime scene. The foot and fingerprints matches with those of the assailant.

Collection of Evidence

Several pieces of evidence were collected and documented as follows;

CSE1: A blood stained t-shirt

CSE2: A blood stained carpet on the floor of the bedroom

CSE3: The photographs take were part of evidence depicting the different places that were stained with blood such as the wall and the door. The posture of the victim on the floor is also important evidence collected.

Analysis of Crime Scene

From the physical evidence obtained from the crime scene as well as the state of affairs, it is not in doubt that the victim was straggled several times. The bloodstains on the walls and door shows how she was trying to defend herself from the assailant. Additionally, she was hit by a sharp object judging from the pool of blood that she is lying on. From the lightened lamp, the crime occurred during the night. The posture of the victim shows that the assailant ensured that she was dead and laid her in such a manner when she became helpless and defenseless.

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