Challenging Status Quo Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

Creativity and innovation have always been the focus of every organization especially up to the topmost managerial part of most companies. Creativity has become an essential part of entrepreneurship (Bogle, 2016). For the prosperity of every organization, the current state of affairs of the company must always be challenged. To do this, we have to be creative and find individuals who are innovative more innovative enough in our companies. Challenging status of quo or rather asking employees to think beyond and outside the box in the business environment has been the difficult task for most of the entrepreneurs and the senior leaders in any organization. Despite the fact that many leaders and business managers want their employees to challenge status quo, and new transformation in their organizations, there are challenges and fear they usually undergo through (Management von Vorhofflimmern - Status quo und Zukunftsperspektiven, 2015)

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According to Challenging the Status Quo in Organizations: From Subordinate Challenge to Superior Reactions (2016), there are various actions to take as a leader to facilitate status quo in any organizations and compete in a highly competitive global marketplace. However, there are also various important questions that challenge the status quo in the workplace that leaders and employees need to consider.

1. How can a company increase its sales?

2. How can an organization better customer service?

3. How can the enterprise make its environment more appealing to the guests?

4. What are some of the additional services can the company offer to the guests?

5. What advancement can a company do to boost repeat customers?

6. Do the enterprise increase the number of service providers during peak seasons season?

7. Can we provide more of a selection of the products we provide to our esteemed customers?

8. Do we also offer a quality continental recipe to our customers?

9. What are other services can be offered to clients report late at night?

10. Can the business extend operating on weekends for some extra hours?

Most of the organizations do not allow changes in their structures and the zeal and enthusiasm of leaders and their employees eventually fades away. This happens because the organization does not support their play. Senior organization leaders and employees are therefore left with the current company's foundations (Niehaves & Plattfaut, 2011). It is very important to have in mind that organizations foundations were constructed to accommodate substitution thinking and not evolutionary thoughts. Another reason why leaders fear challenging status quo is the inability to deal with the short-term problem that may arise (Frauendorf, Kahm, & Kleinaltenkamp, 2007).

According to Heteronormative higher education: Challenging this status quo through LGBTIQ awareness-raising (2017), in order to challenge status quo, all senior leaders and employees of an organization must make a brave choice, valiant decision, and finally daring actions at a time. This actions, decisions, and choices will really transfigure problems into research, fear into resolution and risk into benefits. Creativity is the main heart and very essential for transformation of organizations foundations. Additionally, it is very important for entrepreneurs who get venture in the new business and keep the best organizations until it reaches its global scale (Bogle, 2016).

Capitalization of employees' capability to innovate is one of the major ways an organization can be successful in becoming more creative and productive and innovative. The hospitality industry is one of the most challenging business ventures due to numerous restaurants existing within the sphere (Alajoutsijarvi, Kettunen & Sohlo, 2017). To deal with this stiff competition, the business has to offer additional services in a proper manner that their competitors don't apply. I improving client's services can be done in various ways such as advertising in local newspapers, on radio stations, visitor's center and finally on television commercials. By doing this, the business increases its public awareness to esteemed customers (Management von Vorhofflimmern - Status quo und Zukunftsperspektiven 2015).

According to Heteronormative higher education: Challenging this status quo through LGBTIQ awareness-raising (2017), the company should get ensure that they provide what the customers need. When the client cannot get whatever they need the business may forever lose them. Face to face dealings with the customers is very valuable when it comes to business. And once the customers have known admirable personalities of the service providers within the business they will come back for more due to the kind of hospitality they get. Additionally, offering special services to customers that your competitors do not offer may attract more customers hence succeed in the business. The business should offer special services that are considered luxury to their customers which will intern make them feel that they are well taken care of. As a result, they may be more willing to appreciate by paying for more (Bogle, 2016). The business should also have new promotions for its new client. This will help retain their esteemed customers and get more sales than their competitors (Alajoutsijarvi, Kettunen, & Sohlo, 2017).


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