Cause and Effect of How an Inferiority Complex Makes Some Women Repeatedly Get into Destructive Relationships

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Date:  2022-05-17


Inferiority complex is a psychological sense of feeling inferior towards others which makes someone partly or wholly unconscious. Inferiority complex develops from childhood to adulthood if not recognized during the early stages (Scheff, 2000). Women tend to feel that they are less worthy of a relationship.

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Emotional abuse destroys the self-worth of females. Women in emotionally abusive relationships do not feel like they are abused since there is no violence involved. Additionally, parents may be very harsh towards a girl child through criticism and comparing her with others. This causes the child to grow to believe that she is not worthy of any praise. Similarly, negative remarks while growing up can affect them in future. A girl brought up in such an environment can prefer to get married and remain in an abusive relationship for the fear that her parents will scold her off and criticize her. Additionally, some males may take women for granted in relationships by harassing them and putting them down all the time. Such a woman may be brought up witnessing such harassment to her mother or women around her, and it will make her persevere, and she ends up having low self-esteem.

Moreover, women humiliations in workplaces can make them feel that they are inferior towards men. Whenever constantly comparisons with men are being made in society makes women think that inferiority is a part of them. Such women will get into destructive relationships whereby they become confused and starts to doubt what they believe to be true. Additionally, women develop a fear that when they leave the current partner, they might remain alone forever. Others are afraid of being independent and doubt their ability to survive without the help of their abusive partner. Such women after a break up tend to enter into another abusive relationship to run away from being independent. Guilt also drives women to remain or move to another destructive relationship. However, the guilt may be indirect whereby the woman feels that she is responsible for the well-being of her man (Murphy, 2015). Sometimes the man may threaten a woman with negative consequences that will follow her when she leaves. Similarly, a man may threaten to kill himself. Thus, the feeling of guilt if any of these happens makes women remain in the relationship.


Inferiority complex has an adverse impact on relationships and personality. Women suffering from inferiority complex tend to cower and are always at the mercy of others. They devalue themselves whereby they believe that they cannot do better outside the relationship. They live in sexually, physically, and emotionally abusive marriages as they think they are worthless and does not deserve better treatment. Thus, they are non-confrontational and always submissive since they devalue themselves. Inferiority complex can lead to some women indulging in drugs and substance abuse in the form of smoking and alcohol. This is to reduce the impacts of the emotional abuse they went through in their relationship (Matharu, 2011).

Additionally, it allows them to cope with the relationship and convince themselves that they are not discriminated. Such women will also hide from doing demanding tasks and run away from taking responsibilities in the relationship. Moreover, inferiority complex leads to lack of self-confidence which causes shyness and anxiety. Such a woman may fail to express her true feeling of love. Additionally, women who suffer from financial mistreatment become comfortable with the lifestyle thus they can do everything to uphold it. When they divorce, women jump into another destructive relationship. Hence, women should find ways of overcoming inferiority complex to avoid being in abusive relationships.


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