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Biology Course Description

Biology 151 and 152 is important to students who major in biological sciences in Biology 151 it address the concept of cellular and molecular biology genetic and mammalia...
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2021-03-02 18:22:15

Biology and Genetics Course Review

Experience is the best teacher; this tag has been used on many occasions. I did not think that it could apply to me. However, through the experiences that I have had, I h...
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2021-03-02 13:49:18

Biology Lab Report How many copies of the cells DNA are there at the begin...
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2021-03-03 06:08:56

The Biology Behind the Procedure

Several methods can be used to explore photosynthesis. However, most of those procedures are very unreliable. Therefore, the floating leaf disk assay technique is a very...
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2021-03-04 12:10:20

Predator-Prey Relationships

Living organisms have numerous ways of surviving depending on their biological composition. One of these ways is predation. Predation involves different organisms such as...
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2021-03-04 17:03:28

Biological Sex

Most people assume biological sex to be binary, but this is not usually the case. In animals there are different species, which change sex regularly (Aylor, & Dainton...
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2021-03-04 11:43:07

Can Apes Learn Language?

The topic can apes learn the language? is quite thrilling in that it brings out a very interesting view of what distinguishes us as humans from other animals in the eco...
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2021-03-04 19:50:22

Admission Letter to The Watson School of Biological Sciences

My interest in biology emerged from a life-threatening experience four years ago. During the summer break prior to my college application, I took a trip to Tibett. Acompa...
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2021-03-06 06:28:46

Tumor Cells

Introduction.The tendency of tumor cells to metastasize primarily cause the state of morbidity in many cancer patients. The growth, migration and consequent invasion of t...
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2021-03-06 14:32:38

Annoted Bibliography on Vibrio Cholera

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Laboratory methods for the diagnosis of Vibrio cholerae. Atlanta, Georgia: CDC, 1994 and Global Task Force on Cholera Control....
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2021-03-06 08:20:16

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