Brick & Mortar Business: The Tech Requirements for Success - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-16


The brick and mortar business company is a small business that was started to provide services such as leasing or possessing of factory production facilities, retail shops or even warehouses. It offers opportunities to people who may want to rent properties such as plots, houses, business premises, products and also items such as electronics and machinery at affordable and fair prices. This paper discusses the technological requirements of this business to compete effectively in the market.

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Business Requirements Analysis

Planning and preparing. Planning is key since it gives you an idea of what you need in what quantity and for what purposes. It also enables one stick to a plan hence no overspending or underspending. The issue here is that the more critical the problem is, the more complex the solution as long as it is for a better course. Opening an online website is not so cheap since it requires experts and also funds to sponsor the web. In the case of showcasing products, there should be people offering live customer care services to the shoppers in the showroom and also brand ambassadors whom they can seek advice from on what they stand to gain when they purchase the products.

Implementing and monitoring the action. After coming am with a planned budget, the implementation process should follow as soon as possible so as not to interfere with the resources set aside for the key course. The business should also be monitored carefully to ensure that the specified plan works. In this case, the online site should be under close supervision to ensure people can access it easily. They should also be able to access customer care services to ensure the website is not a scam.

Reviewing and analyzing progress. Routine auditing should be organized so as the progress of the site can be analyzed and see whether it is working or a new solution should be established. A review is also important since it helps plan for the future of the business.

Business Technology 1

Lately, the business has been facing a crisis in terms of conducting its daily operations. The number of customers has greatly reduced since a lot of people nowadays have access to the Internet and prefer transacting their businesses online instead of renting spaces. Another issue is the fact that people and the services offered do not widely known the company are also intact. In order to solve these problems there are some solutions that we have come up with to enable run the business smoothly?

One of the greatest ideas that we have come up with is to develop a website that will help connect with a lot of people all over the world(Chang,2016). Most people if not all, have access to the internet right from the young children to the elderly hence, it is easy to get customers online. By doing the website opening, the company will be able to get a lot of customers online and also attract other business people who would want their products and properties too to be sold under our platform.

Showrooming is another way that the brick and mortar business will find its way to successful growth. Consumers walk into a store to look at the merchandise and see for themselves the great offers at stake. Also offering an in-store Wi-Fi in a showroom exercise will encourage the retailers or rather the shoppers streamline in the company's website and look at other wide range of products from the brands being showcased hence provide a timely offer to seal the purchase (Linton& Solomon,2017) In order for a plan to succeed there must be a procedure to be followed so that nothing goes astray. There the three main steps to which a business growth plan can succeed if followed to the latter. These procedures include;

Business Requirement Technology

In the field of technology, some key requirements should be taken into consideration. This is due to the changing times and situations experienced in the field of business. The first is that the company's private information should be kept secret since there some factors that may ruin the success of a business. There is specific information that can be made accessible to shoppers.

The other requirement is to update the website information every appropriate time since new products come and also company policies change at times and the customers need to know such kind of information. Updating also helps in keeping up with the vest version of the particular website.


In every business, there is always competition, and for one to stand out, there must be something good or rather unique that it offers for a certain business to attract a lot of customers (Mian et al., 2016). Competition is good since it keeps every entrepreneur on toes to ensure they are the best service providers and the sales are high.


In conclusion, for a company to have a place in e-commerce, it must have a strategic plan to help build their business and come up with sensible ideas to compete with other companies. The business world requires an open-minded person to welcome ideas and opinions in the quest for success and greatness.


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