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Date:  2021-09-02 20:36:30
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The media plays a big role in informing the public about the biggest stories. Over the recent months, there have been a myriad of stories in the world, nation, state, and local community. Some of the biggest stories go unnoticed because the news outlets fail to play them on the television and radio for a long duration. The paper discusses the biggest story in the world, the nation, Colorado, and the community.

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The Biggest Story in the World: Bitcoin


Bitcoin is the biggest story in the world right now. The digital currency is the biggest story because its value has risen since its conception. Sulleyman (p.1) articulates that the cryptocurrency has hit a record high over the months. Investors worldwide are holding on to bitcoin because they believe that they will manage to use it in the future. Reports about the bitcoin are readily available on the internet through a simple bitcoin google search. Besides that, all the sources are legitimate because they talk about the views of bitcoin in different nations.

The Biggest Story in the Nation: The Super Bowl Event


In the 2018 super bowl in Minneapolis, Shpigel (p.1) reports that the Philadelphia eagles were crowned champions with a 41-33 win over New England Patriots. The story is big because the Philadelphia eagles got their first super bowl win. The super bowl is the most talked about event in the media. The event is readily available on the internet. In fact, a google search will bring up various hits from a myriad of media outlets in the country. Furthermore, all the sources that talk about the event are legitimate. Moreover, the information provided in the sources is similar making it the biggest story in the nation because of the Philadelphia eagles win.

The Biggest Story in Colorado: Drugs Intercepted at Colorado State Penitentiary


According to the Colorado Department of Corrections, the facility intercepted about $2800 prescription drugs in early February. Hickey (p.1) articulates that on 2nd February, a staff at the facility found 70 pieces of Suboxone in a package that was labelled privileged mail. News releases from the penitentiary reveal that a lawyer was the one responsible for mailing the package to his client. The story is big because all media outlets on the internet talk about the value, which the drugs are worth. It has been played in most media outlets because it was a prescription drug mailed by a lawyer. Furthermore, the story is readily available on the internet through a google search, and all the sources appear to be legitimate.

The Biggest Story in the Community: Memorial of Deputy Flick


Sierra (p.1) asserts that members of the community in Colorado Springs gathered at the sheriffs office to honor the life of El Paso country sheriff deputy Micah Flick. The story is big in Colorado Springs because Flick was a respectable man in the community and his death came as a shock to many locals. The media portrays the story as painful because deputy Flick provided service to the community. Even so, the story is easily accessible on the internet. Upon a google search, various reports on the death of deputy Flick, who was killed in the line of duty, are available.


In summary, in as much as there a myriad of big stories in the world, nation, Colorado, and the community right now, the ones mentioned above the most talked about. Through a simple google search of the keywords in the story, many reports are readily available for view. Even so, in the news, and trending stories on YouTube, many people talk about the story in their reports.

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