Benefits of Cats and Dogs

Date:  2021-04-26 10:04:56
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In the whole world, people adopt or purchase animals every day for various purposes. Among the large variety of animals adopted and domesticated in homes are cats and dogs. They constitute a large percentage of animal kept as pets. In this article, we take the time to understand cats and dogs and the benefits they carry along with them.

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Cats, domesticated ones for that matter, are carnivorous mammals that are usually small I size and furry. They belong to the family falidae and genus Felis. Their binomial nomenclature name is Felis catus. Cats have a lifespan of around 4-6 years. Their gestation period is usually 64-67 days. They are mostly kept as pets. There are many breeds of cats examples being the British Shorthair, Siamese cat, Persian cat, Maine Coon among many others. Dogs, on the other hand, are also domesticated mammals that are carnivorous in nature with a long snout, an acute sense of smell and a barking howling and whirling voice. The dogs scientific names are Canis lupus familiarise with a gestation period of 58-68 days and lifespan of 10-13 years. Like the cat, the dog is also kept as a pet by many people. There are several breeds of the same among them being Siberian Husky, Pug, Labrador, retriever and beagle (White Linda B.,pp74)

Cats and dogs have a chain of similarities and differences too. In the similarities is that they are both four-legged animals with long tails and horizontal body posture. Their digestive system and teeth are also both similar. Both dogs and cats have been domesticated by humans, and most of them work to earn their living. Some of their differences are that a dog cost more to purchase or adopt than a cat does (Freeman L.M.,pp 3-17)

The benefits of these two animals cannot be underestimated in any way. First of all, we will look at their benefits when kept as pets. Studies have shown that pets are good for the mental health of everyday life. It has been proved that people who have a better life regarding well-being outcomes and individual difference than non-pet owners for several reasons. One of the primary reason is that pets can make one feel better off especially after facing rejection. There are numerous health benefits attached to them. Pets like dogs and cats have been found to increase longevity after a heart attack. Studies have shown that after a heart attack the survival of many individuals with pets improved than those who didnt. Pets also have been known to decrease blood pressure and reduce stress. Pets are active and lively. Most of the times they can divert ones attention, in so doing they play a significant role in reducing stress, and after that, the many consequences brought about by the same (Laflamme,Dorothy.,pp 713-742)

Pets play a crucial role in increasing the physical activity of individuals and hence their functioning. Through increased physical activity, the weight of people decreased and also in conjunction with this they can lower their cholesterol and triglycerides which usually cause a significant threat to the body of individuals. General studies have proved that having pets, helps one reduce medical appointment and minor health problems. Pets are trained on different aspects. Some dogs have been found to reduce freezing in Parkinsons disease because they can detect this freezing and touch the feet till they are warm and the person can be able to walk again after a fall. Still, other dogs have been found with a capability of sniffing cancer from malignant tumors. This was witnessed in Florida where a particular dog can smell cancer with close to 100% accuracy (Arohi Monori et al., 6-7)

Another research found out that dogs can a greater extend help one fight off allergies. This is because growing up with dogs exposes one to many conditions which then, in turn, help them build a stronger immunity. They are therefore capable of fighting any allergies that may come by in the future. This is a proof for people who have grown up with days since childhood. Dogs also have been known to promote the social interaction of individuals. A lot of people face difficulties in creating and maintaining relationships. Pets are a great asset in this as they can find and create new relationships and social interactions among people. These relationships are also important to our general well-being. Dogs more so have proved to be helpful in aiding autistic children with forming with their peers. (Pyrhonen,Kaisa et al.,pp 247-255)

Pets improve the emotional health of individuals. Studies have shown that emotionally healthy people are resilient, self-confident and capable of developing robust and healthy relationships. Lastly, pets go a great deal in helping to keep us present. Pets simply live here and now and this is a more important reminder to humans to always live in the present and avoiding postponing their happiness to the future. This will go a great deal in helping people appreciate what they have at the moment (White Linda B.,pp74)

Apart from being pets, dogs and cats still have other functions apart from being pets. Trained dogs have proved to be a great asset in helping with security issues. Right from the airport, to presidential residents and even ordinary people homes, dogs have been a great security agent. The cats have worked to scare away unwanted creatures such as rodents and snakes, and this is still very helpful to us.

Cats and dogs are very beneficial in many ways that cannot be exhausted. It is, therefore, important to keep this in mind and appreciate their presence always. In this article we have taken time to look at the various aspects concerning dogs and cats. This has been in terms of their scientific names and all factors concerning their existence. Their benefits as pets and their benefits as domestic animals. There is still more information that can be explored regarding these two creatures. Research is hence open for anyone interested in finding more basics of these two animals.

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