Assignment Example on Situational Crisis Communication Theory

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Date:  2022-03-30

What is SCCT?

The situational crisis communicational theory refers to a crisis response strategy that protects reputational resources by selecting a crisis response that best suits the crisis situation.

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What is the initial response advised by some scholars?

Providing instructing information, is what the public needs to know to protect themselves from a crisis.

What problems are there in following this solution?

The public always expects organizations to do a lot more for crisis victims when they feel that the organization is responsible for the crisis.

What is a situational approach to crisis response strategies?

The organization must know how to behave during a crisis to meet these expectations.

Reputation is a resource that is threatened by crises, it is advised to do prior what is necessary before addressing reputational concerns

Identify potential crisis types, especially those caused by human misdeeds.

What are the Variables and Relationships in the Situational Crisis Communication Theory?

Severity, which is the amount of damage caused by the crisis, and

Performance history, which refers to the past actions or conduct of an entity during crises.

What crisis types exist?

Rumor, natural disaster, malevolence, workplace violence, challenge, technical breakdown accident, technical breakdown product recall, mega-damage, human breakdown accident, organizational misdeeds with no injury, organizational misdeeds management misconduct, and organizational misdeeds with injury.

What are the eight crisis response strategies?

Attack on the accuser, denial, excuse, victimization, justification, ingratiation, corrective action, full apology.

Why are personal control and crisis responsibility important?

It is easier to solve them as soon as they occur, before they escalate into public crises.

What is 'Crisis clusters' and why they are important?

Classification of crises situations, which is important in devising a comprehensive plan for solutions that best fit the situation.

Identify and describe the three crisis clusters.

The victim cluster, includes natural disasters, rumors, workplace violence, and product tampering.

The accidental cluster includes challenges, mega-damage, technical breakdown- accidents, and technical breakdown-recalls.

The preventable cluster includes human breakdown accidents, human breakdown recalls, organizational misdeeds-management misconduct, organizational misdeed with no injuries, and organizational misdeeds with injuries, the crisis types that produce strong attributions of crisis responsibility

Describe their differences?

The victim cluster are crisis types that produce minimal attributions of crisis responsibility.The accidental cluster represent unintentional actions by the organization; that is, the organizations did not intend to create the crises.

The preventable cluster in which the crises involved either purposefully placing stakeholders at risk, or knowingly taking inappropriate actions, or human error that might have nor could have been avoided.

What was the limitations of the research?

Although the crisis events were real, respondents experienced the crises in an artificial manner and not all the factors relevant to crisis management could be assessed. Furthermore, students are not the typical targets for crisis communication

What are the implications for practitioners of the research?

Crisis managers can estimate the level of crisis responsibility their crisis will generate among publics by identifying the crisis type they face or by placing their crisis in the appropriate crisis cluster.

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