Assignment Example on Multinational Companies

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Why are there more internationally educated experienced professionals today than before?

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The field of academics have shown much dynamism with time. With the development of technology, people are very much enlightened and can pursue any academic discipline anywhere without limitations. This has enable more people to be much interested in education compared to initial days when people had to physically travel and board in schools to acquire education. The high rate of education turnover has enabled it to have more experienced professionals than before.

Name two examples of major companies which have employed leaders with multicultural experience

A multicultural experience refers to the ability to process any complex information and synthesize the opposing ideas which are associated with creativity and, increased professional opportunities for better job prospects. Companies which practice multicultural leadership do well since they incorporate diverse knowledge and abilities in their actions. Some of the companies which have employed the experience includes: the Coca-Cola Company and the Ford Motors which have featured for over 5 decades for being multicultural companies.

What are the characteristics common to the new multi-culturally experienced leaders?

New multicultural leaders have very many aspects in common. Some of the outstanding characteristics may include the fact that they have an advance knowledge in management due to the shared cultures hence they are able to organize and inspire their staff to achieve a common goal. They are also hardworking due to the fact that they always want to disapprove those who may undermine them.

What are the characteristics of multinational companies as opposed to global companies?

Multinational companies are similar in many ways to global companies. However, the main difference lie in their business models. A multinational business model adapts a model which basically deals with product offerings and manufacturing processes while a global company adopts a model which is basically sales and marketing. A global company has several branches in different countries but maintains their brand and taste while multinational companies change the taste of their brand depending on the country of operation.

Global innovation creates a competitive environment for both the companies making them employ a team of innovators to come up with new and unique ideas to counter such competitions. In order to remain afloat and competitive in business, the companies must come up with new advancement on a daily basis. The global innovation is therefore very important since it makes the companies to be on toes since they have to survive. This make them employ the best professionals with multicultural experience to come up with new strategies of being unique and ahead of the rest.

Global Infrastructure Facility can be defined as a global, open platform which facilitates an extensive preparation and structuring of complex infrastructure for both public-private partnerships (PPPs) hence enabling the mobilization of the private sector and institutional investor capital. The hardware for such infrastructure is basically the level of their operations and terms of service as agreed by the members. The hardware for global infrastructure can be considered to be the level of competencies of various global companies. They come up with innovations on a daily basis to ensure that they are updated with the current market and hence purpose to meet the market needs.

Andre Ertl is the vice president of the internal audit unit at Magma International. He is said to be an executive with a global perspective because of his great work and shaping of the Magma international company as an executive director. He has enabled the company to expand to over 10 countries globally within a span of fewer than 5 years. He is visionary and believes in constant innovations from a diversified workforce.

When executives are not prepared to do business in other countries, the business will incur losses due to poor management and lack of goodwill. Such businesses will face stiff competition from other businesses hence leading to their closure and quitting the business arena. Similarly, they can lead to activities which will sabotage the business operations in the said country. It is therefore important not to force managers in doing businesses in countries they are not okay with since it can lead to a collapse of an already established firm.

Joel Thala meant that they were determined to expand their business to the international level while maintaining their cultures which has enabled them to reach the far their company has reached. It would mean that their leadership approaches would not change and they would use the same leadership styles on the international front.

Joel Thala's path to success has been boosted by the fact that he has a multicultural experience which has enabled him to work from Canada, China, Thailand and the even USA. Due to the multicultural experience, he understands different global cultures as well as their systems and hence making him one of the favourites when it comes to financial advisory services. It is worth learning that multicultural experience is very vital in business expansions and success as a CEO.

Nail Tait path to success began when he decided to have his education in multiple nations hence making him understand the culture and language of various nations. This enabled him to have a good knowledge of the Asian culture hence one day while on a business trip in Canada, he predicted one of the most significant and wealthiest migration trends of Canada which came to pass and hence making him get a very lucrative and prestigious job of his life. His knowledge in Asian culture help him to make a prediction accuracy of up to 45% hence making Canada- Hong Kong tries to hit over $ 7billion in less than two years.

The Canadians are believed to be the best managers in the world today. Canada has a secret of producing individuals who are extremely hardworking hence making them be very competitive since any slight sluggishness in one's work would mean the system vomits them. The Canadian system of education provides a multicultural experience by introducing various courses in different cultures which makes their students have the multicultural experience to handle the global market. Similarly, Canada is an export country and therefore must train professionals in business-related fields as well as accounting and finance. Unlike other countries in Europe, Canada opens her doors to all walks of people to learn and work in Canada hence making them learn numerous cultures from foreigners are made to feel at home.

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is defined as a groundbreaking program which is opened by invitation only to the most academically talented students in each incoming freshmen class. The initiative is aimed at merging together different talents from different countries of the world to come up with unique leadership styles and innovations which helps to expand the global economy. The method has been adopted by many international corporations to get good brains and train them on how to make a business excel in all situations. Some of the competencies of such a program are that it leads to multicultural experience which brings forth successful businesses on the international front. Similarly, the firms which have adopted the program have managed to secure good brains which makes them have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

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