Assignment Example on Mind Guard: A Symptom in Group Dynamics

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2023-04-28

Mind guard is another symptom that is evident in the case. Mind guard is the situation where the member protects the group from the information that may be inconsistent to the group's perception. In this case, one client decided to mind guard the previous experience of Ray wearing white robes and playing because she didn't want to ruin the experience. Another symptom is morality- members ignoring the moral and ethical concerns of their acts and believing indisputably in the righteousness of their in-groups. In this case, the members decided to continue with the experience despite their extreme discomfort.

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Is groupthink a greater danger for spiritual groups than other types of groups? Why or why not?

Yes, groupthink is of great danger to spiritual groups than other groups because this group has stronger convictions than other groups-besides, the groups' belief in a supernatural power that is unquestionable by anyone. Having a contradictory opinion against their faith is a serious offense.

What other ethical danger signs do you see in the sweat lodge tragedy?

Exploiting the participants with thousands of dollars and exposing them to imminent danger is another ethical issue. Besides, using untested materials such as sheets and harmful substances such as sandalwoods is also another moral issue in this case.

What steps could retreat participants taken to protect themselves and others?

The first step is to ensure that the lodge was in good condition before agreeing to enter. Because the participants spent a lot of money, they would have hired an expert to test the status of the lodge. Other steps include; not exceeding the limit of 25 members; instead, they could play the game in turns; They could also demand a light inside the container, so that see those who were adversely affected and let them loose.

Was Ray's sentence too harsh or too light? Should his rights be restored and convictions set aside.

Ray's sentence was too light because he exploited a lot of money from the participants; he ignored the danger signs in the lodge that he was aware of. Therefore, it can be concluded that he committed a crime with intent. As a result, his rights should not be restored for a more extended period. Instead, he should be put on probations until the government is sure he is clean. On probation because of relapse.

What do you learn from this case that you can apply as a group member? As a spiritual seeker?

From this case, I learn that decision-making is a complex process that requires careful considerations. As a group member, I would, therefore, welcome ideas, including contradictory ideas, to make appropriate decisions. Another important lesson is that prevention is better than cure. Consequently, I would always strive to make rational decisions not influenced by one's views.

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