Articles Analysis Essay on Social Psychology Studies

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Date:  2022-06-05


It is important to comprehend that various scholars have conducted comprehensive studies in social psychology. In this case, different investigators study the way individuals feel, act, and think in the context of society. In particular, researchers want to understand the way people's characters, feelings, as well as thoughts transform because of others. With that said, the current paper concentrates on five social psychology studies, select the interesting ones, and give reasons. Additionally, the essay at hand highlights the study one would not want to take part in and why.

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Out of the five social psychology studies presented, three of them are fascinating because of different reasons. To begin with, the article by Chang et al. (2014) explores the possibility of encouraging college students' positive psychological growth utilizing online social networks. The source is interesting because it depicts the way online social networks have transformed how college learners control their social correlations. In the modern world, social media such as Facebook dominates young people, especially students, Internet time as well as plays a vital role in helping them grow positively. What is more, this article indicates the way positive psychology can be utilized to overcome difficulties in simple terms; the source is fascinating because it shows the way college students can use social media to promote their positive growth.

Additionally, the article by Gjedia and Barjami (2017) is interesting because it handles a situation that affects society. It is clear that every extended family has a disabled individual. Therefore, each is obligated to support as well as care for their friends and relatives with disabilities. Therefore, the study of social distance is an important aspect in this case because it helps students understand closeness required for people with disabilities. What is more, the article is important because it helps learners change their attitudes towards people with disability.

Thiele et al. (2018) present an interesting article that addresses the relationships existing among undergraduate peers. In particular, the source indicates that developmental peer correlations between peers and their career aspirants co-evolve during their studies. Notably, the article utilizes longitudinal actor-oriented social network evaluation to determine the growth mentioned above of the relationships.

On the other hand, the article by Michael Billing (2014) is not as interesting as the ones aforementioned. One would not want to take part in the study involving this paper. The article tries to explain two ideas, namely Galileian and Aristoteian. The author attempted to show the difference between the two concepts. In spite of the fact that the scholar maintained that the ideas mentioned above play a vital role in leadership studies, one needs to study more sources to understand the ideas fully. On the same note, Nyagolova's article presents an innovative social psychological study of Russia psychology. In simple terms, the two articles were difficult to understand, and the scholars did not present the concepts in a clear manner.


In spite of the fact that the two articles are perceived not interesting, they contribute to the field of social psychology. It is evident that the five sources are critical in enabling students to understand the way to deal with some situations in their lives. In fact, the three articles considered fascinating make learners comprehend that people should be flexible and adjust to the available circumstances arising in the present world.


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