Article Review Exmaple. The Hemispheres of the Brain.

Paper Type:  Article review
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Date:  2021-04-01

A. The Hemispheres of the Brain

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I totally in agreement with the author's first argument on the two categories of the brain that is the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The categorization of the right and left parts of the brain coupled with the vivid descriptions of their roles are the main grounds of my agreement with the author believe that there is dominance between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. A good reason to explain the dominance between the two hemispheres is how individual writes. However, the questions include; whether there is a possibility of a person becoming stronger in math when both sides of the brain work together? How many neurons are contained in each half?

B. The Hemispheres of the Brain

I disagree with this article because the author considers the right-brained individual as immature. It is entirely unacceptable because all human beings are viewed as equal but with different capabilities. The author also ignores other features of right-brained individuals such as the creativity and reading emotions. However, there is no dominance between right and left hemisphere because each side will be equal in the recovery from conditions such as strokes. The question which needs the authors response include; what are the symbiotic relationship of the two hemispheres? How does one determine the powers of the other hemispheres in his/her body?

C. The Hemispheres of the Brain

I agree with the writer because he acknowledged the fact that science can help in determining one side of the brain by simple processes and procedures as opposed to trauma or brain surgery. However, I do not agree that there is dominant between the right and left hemisphere because I think that the two share their work cohesively. Further, I would enquire if there is a possibility of one having the same features of the two halves of the body?

D. The Hemispheres of the Brain

I will not buy to the writers statement that individuals have two brains because of the splitting of the brain into left and right hemisphere. However, I believe that there is dominant between halves of the brain because I typically write with a hook with my right hand hence I am, a right brain dominant. Which side of the brain hemisphere specializes on the verbal cues?

Question 2.

A. Memory: Main Dissection Post 2

The writer identified sensory and short-term memory as the type of memory which was involved in the first example of forgetfulness he went through. There is a possibility of the interruptions of the process of encoding the information into the short memory. The interruptions are related to the encoding failures. However, in the second example, the type of memory involved was the long term memory. To explain further on what happened, the writer described the concept of lack of memory cues.

B. Two examples of forgetting I experienced:

The identified type of memory involved in his forgetting was a sensory and short-term memory. However, he used encoding failure, decay, disuse, lack of memory cues and interference to explain what happened.

C. Discussion

The identified type of the memory was long term memory. He applied the concepts of encoding failures, memory decay, and memory disuse to explain his struggles in taking tests.

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