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Date:  2022-11-30


The identity of individuals is portrayed by the cultures that hold them. To a smaller extent, it is also forged by the groups, and by the influences from different institutions. Culture as an art, music, literature and food is a true description of anthropology (the studying of culture and their development). Culture is the full description of the wide range of the human behavior that is learned. Because of the nature of the culture itself, it is transmitted through learning first and then adaptations. This is very evident in children the moment they obtain the society's traditions by growing up in the society through a componence called enculturation. A culture is a true representation of the whole field of anthropology as a field.

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A culture results into some level of behavior uniformity and thought among the people of a society. When it comes to properly understanding the diversity in the cultures, the anthropological point of view can aid in helping to understand and appreciating of the complexion in the cultural diversity (Sokefeld, 1999). The disciplines itself involves the studying 0f the cultural and biological origin of the humanity. Anthropology as a wide-ranging field includes studying of fossil remains, non-human behavior and primate anatomy, past cultures artifacts, present and past languages, and historic and contemporary world cultures

The diversity of the cultures has different point of view concerning gender, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, physical and social appearance. And sometimes the ever misunderstandings and mayhems in the community is usually because of the ever-increasing diversity in culture. Therefore, most of the times, anthropology will define cultural diversity through social life aspects like social organizations, economics, politics, symbolism and change of development not forgetting the present nation formation because of social interactions among human beings. The ever increase way I interaction among human beings brings dynamics in our lives.

In explaining the and trying to understand the culture, anthropology uses ethnography- describing cultures; and ethnology (Crehan, 2002). In other words, it compares two or more cultures. Additionally, it incorporates the holistic approach in studying culture by studying ng the biological and social aspects of behavior of human beings. It is interesting to note that the diversity of culture is related to cultural learning approach, because motivational and learning styles assume focusing on diversity in learner populations and many learning outcomes. For this reason, the data and the information obtained from studying other cultures helps people meet their professional ambitions ad live a more satisfying life in a society that is multicultural.

Culture therefore involves norms; the specific expectations of the culture describing how people should behave in any given circumstance. Lack of norms in any society leads to total turmoil of the people pf tie specific community and even the neighbors to the community. It as involves beliefs; the spaced ideas that are hold collectively but the people within a given culture. Nevertheless these beliefs are also the foundation of the of very many values and norms.


To sum up, the field of anthropology relays to scrutinizing various racial and ethnic groups among the society of humanity through political and cultural aspects. Anthropology is all about culture, it focusses on culture. Its main purpose is to study of human beings across various cultures and throughout the time hence wellbeing of the society.

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