Argumentative Essay Example on Management of Diverse Teams in Organizations

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Date:  2021-04-12

Diversity in teams is that significant difference of every member in their unique way. This does not only include factors like age, sex or race, but also different characteristics such as extroverts and introverts or liberals and people who are conservative. All in all, diversity may be an advantage or a problem to an organization based on how it is handled.

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There are a variety of advantages. Well, I found that in a study done on sales, both gender and racial diversity were found to have a positive effect on sales profits and customer satisfaction. However, racial diversity has a more significant impact on market sales that gender diversity. Also, company recruiters can widen their scope by giving job opportunities based on qualifications rather than limiting it to race, age, and gender. This has a positive impact on client services and satisfaction and thus an improvement in the organization`s overall performance.

However, diversity is not without its faults. The majority of the problems relating to work ethic. For example, if two workers come from races that constantly clash from example white and black races, there is a high possibility that their relations will be negative (Erez et al., 2013). If a company does not create a culture that promotes respect among workers, it would be difficult to avoid tension between employees. Moreover, communication may be an issue if the employees to not share a similar first language. If personal prejudices are different with employees, some opt to leave the company because of the different backgrounds. Another disadvantage is that handling all the complaints of the employees by the management can take up quite a lot of time, some of which are never really resolved.

I believe that the ability to manage diverse teams is the most important skill for ensuring success in these companies. The key factor to diversified organizations is to train the managers to understand the importance of supporting every employee and resolve conflict and balance different opinion. Being able to have the chance to be heard and their opinions respected. The managers must also learn to control their bias and treat all workers equally by offering them opportunities based on their qualifications and overall performance hence increasing the productivity of the company.

So how does a manager use his knowledge on diversity to produce better results? First, they must understand the needs of each allow flexibility in how and when they work. For example, Christians and Muslims have different holidays, and neither must be denied of them. or in the case of gender, expectant mothers should be allowed to choose the lesser number of working hours. Managers must then be well rounded and informed because it is only then that they will be able to provide a comfortable work experience to all the workers who will translate to better productivity of the company (Srikanth, 2016).

I believe that it all comes down to doing for others what you would want them to do for you. For people to produce the best results, the conditions must be as close to perfect as they can. Respecting and building a good relationship with the workers is important as often, people will emulate what they see. Managers should also understand that every individual is different, be it their background, their personal life, or how long it takes them to learn a company`s way of doing things. Communication and encouragement are key factors. Managers should remember to acknowledge good work from the workers and possibly give some motivation to encourage the same from others. Likewise, they must not forget to reprimand negative behavior from the workers. As much as having good relations with the employees is important, they must know when to draw the line. It is important to remember that this compromise should not go too far. Too much comfort for workers could pose a problem and set the company on a dangerous course.

Therefore, it is necessary to build a rapport with the employees and get to understand how to work with them. Going that extra mile, in essence, will determine the success of the organization while not forgetting balance how they treat each based on who they are and what their capabilities are and understanding how to use these differences to the company`s advantage.

Which personal style should managers adopt to ensure success? Being authoritative is the way of providing a long-term vision for the workers. A manager should learn to be firm and fair to the employees. Giving the employees clear directions on work and subsequently rewarding them through motivation. As a result, the workers understand the consequence of their actions whether positive or negative. It is necessary then that the leader should be credible that the employees may follow their vision. However, if the employees are underdeveloped and the leader is not credible, then workers will not receive guidance on what to do hence leading to miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Participation is an important trait as it builds commitment and is a primary strategy to have a common consensus among employees. Through this, the manager encourages every individual to input in decision making, and as a result, motivation is done by a team effort. This allows for the cohesive growth of the company without anyone feeling left out. This method is least effective if the employees in question require being supervised as there is a lack of competency and coordination.

Coaching is a style that has a long-term effect on the professional development and progress of the employees. The manager encourages the workers to develop themselves based on their strengths so as to improve their performance. This kind of motivation provides an opportunity for professional growth. This, however, can only work if the employees feel motivated and have a will to develop. Moreover, if the leader lacks the expertise, then coaching may bring a negative effect on the company.

Having a directive is a style that requires immediate compliance from the employees. This is the (do it as I say) kind of manager. This is where the manager is controlling and often motivates the employees through threats and instilling discipline. Though harsh, it is an effective method in times of company crisis or when deviations are risky. It is, however, a disadvantage if the employees are skilled as they may feel frustrated and become resentful at the management. Also, if the employees are underdeveloped, little learning will take place.

The affiliate method of management creates harmony among the workers and between the managers and the employees. This kind of manager will put the need of the employees first before the task. The leader tries to keep everyone happy and avoids conflict with the workers. This style promotes good relations and can be implemented with other styles and works best if the organization's performance is adequate. It is, however, ineffective if the company is in crisis and need of redirection.

So what do I believe is the most effective method of approach in managing the work of subordinates? Due to varying ways in which organizations are, there is no ideal approach. The best approach will vary based on circumstances and individual characteristics. Managers must understand their workers and which method will be most effective for the performance of the company and the wellbeing and comfort of the employees. In some cases, it might be necessary to develop a unique way of management about the company`s expectations.

Former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is an example of a leader I would like to be led by. His view on equality and common growth lead the country to greater heights. I cannot fail to recognize the late Nelson Mandela who showed that no task was too small. Through all his years, he never gave up on his people. Because of his effort and resilience, South Africa is among the leading countries in Africa.

As a member of the team, given a choice, I would want to have a leader who is reasonable and above all a good role model. Having someone to emulate and follow is valuable as an employee. A manager who leads by example, I believe that the success of an organization is best achieved through team effort which in turn promotes professional growth of every employee. So in conclusion, good management is a skill that is essential in ensuring the success of any organization. Without it, companies would crumble.


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