Analyzing Quantitative Research Methods

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Date:  2022-03-04

a. Discuss and analyze the methods used in the article, that of using two administrations of a questionnaire.

What are important reliability and validity considerations in survey and questionnaire research, especially as they relate to this article?

During the research two administrations of questionnaires were used. The first involved electronically obtaining data using SurveyMonkey, the platform generates unique hyperlinks for electronic surveys (Hardy, 2014). The second administration of the questionnaire was based on a replication study. The study was sponsored and was conducted using a paper-pencil survey. The questionnaire was completed on a Sunday during the morning worship service. Through the first administration of the questionnaire which is done electronically, it is difficult to verify the data because anybody who falls out of the specification can end up participating in the survey (Hardy, 2014). Although the system offered conditions to be met to qualify for the study, it is likely that people who do not fall within the guidelines might be participants in the study because there is nobody to verify or authorize people to be part of the process. The replication study is the most effective in this case because it was conducted with the right audience (Hardy, 2014). Therefore, the results reflect the requirements of the survey.

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How did the authors operationalize African American Christians?

The authors believe that African American Christians religious history considers them to people focused on finding the spiritual and moral direction. Furthermore, they use the church to avoid oppression and poverty (Hardy, 2014). Therefore, the church has been forced to provide socio-economic support to most of the African American Christians community.

b. Discuss how you would apply the findings to social work practice.

How would you apply the findings to your practice, assuming that you worked with or wanted to work with this population?

The findings indicate that African American Christians are willing to discuss personal and mental health-related issues with people non-religious caregivers. Therefore, I will use this data to have more non-religious people attend to the African American Christians (Hardy, 2014). Furthermore, I will approach the churches and ensure that the Christian caregivers are not judgmental and introduce such programs in churches to encourage turnout.

Focus primarily on the marginalization and oppression of the target population, that of African American Christians. What social work theory might you apply in your practice with this population and why?

The most applicable social theory in this circumstances is the self-categorization theory. The theory deals with both the importance and challenges of perceiving a section of individuals in the community as a group. In this case, it is essential because these populations form the minority in society (Hardy, 2014). Categorizing them will enable me as a social worker to understand them better and to know the solutions to their unique problems.


Hardy, K. (2014). Which way did they go? Uncovering the preferred source of help-seeking among African-American Christians. Social Work and Christianity, 41(1), 3.

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