Analytic Methods Proposal: Moving Company Analysis

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A new moving company is attempting to select the optimal location for their moving company's new headquarters. The initial analysis will focus on two states, Alabama and Alaska. This task won't lead the examination, however, will, preferably, propose a measurable inferential system, that will be utilized to direct the investigation in future undertakings, and legitimize that determination with comparable illustrations and research.

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Business Problem

A new moving company is being opened, and the executive leadership is starting the company would like to select the optimal location for their moving company's new headquarters. The analytics manager has asked the analyst to choose two states for an initial comparison, including the analyst's home state, and a state of their choice. The two states that will be compared in this analysis include Alaska and Alabama. Fundamental among current explanations behind the movement is the requirement for a suitable workforce. There is by all accounts a lack of qualified specialists for a few occupations, particularly those requiring specialization. This firm needs particular workers; it might be well justified, despite all the trouble to move to a territory where they can without much of a stretch discover these sorts of representatives.

Analytic Methods

Factor Analysis (examination) is a technique that is used to decrease a far-reaching number of components into fewer amounts of factors. This method isolates most prominent ordinary variance from all variables and spots them into a run of the mill score. As a record everything being equivalent, we can use this score for propel examination (Burns,2008). Factor examination is a bit of general direct model (GLM), and this system moreover expects a couple of suppositions: there is a straight relationship, there is no multi-collinearity, it consolidates vital elements into the examination, and there is bona fide association among elements and components. A couple of procedures are available, yet standard part examination is used by and large conventionally (Burns,2008). For this situation, the two factors that will be of significance are appropriate to workforce and movement (both local and net).

Inferential Statistical Technique Proposal

The fundamental idea of factor examination is that different factors have the same instances of reactions since they relate with a dormant (i.e., not immediate assessed) variable. For example, individuals may react correspondingly to matters concerning pay, getting ready, and occupation, which are related to the idle variable budgetary status. In each factor examination, there are a vague number of parts, which are the factors (Izenman,2008). Each factor gets a specific measure of the general change in the identified elements, and the components are recorded continuously and organized by how many combinations they illustrate.

The eigenvalue is a measure of the measure of the distinction in the factors. Any factor with an eigenvalue 1 clears up more change than a single observed variable. Since we have net migration and domestic migration data for both states over the same seven years (2010 to 2016), we can thus deduce the latent variable bearing in mind that the two factors being investigated and correlated are "suitable workforce and migration patterns." With this, the net &domestic migration by the state will be factored by suitability for a workforce. Factor analysis will be conducted for the differences and similarities herein yielded.

Inferential Statistical Technique Justification

Factor Analysis is a strategy for displaying observed factors, and their covariance structure, as far as fewer basic undetectable (inert) "factors." The components ordinarily are seen as expansive ideas or thoughts that may portray an observed marvel. For instance, an essential need of acquiring a specific social level may clarify most utilization conduct (Mertler et al.,2016). These unknown factors are more intriguing to the social researcher than the observed quantitative estimations. Factor investigation is by and large an exploratory/ winning strategy that requires many subjective judgments. It is a broadly utilized apparatus.


In conclusion, to address the business problem of attempting to find a state to start the new moving company (i.e., to create the company headquarters) factor analysis will be conducted to compare the migration to and from the states or territories of Alaska and Alabama with regards to locating a suitable workforce.


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