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It is imperative to take into consideration an individual's development objectives and the career ambitions. It is worth noting that the flat organization structure offer few opportunities for the employees to move the ladder, meaning that people will remain unmotivated if there is lack of progression or in a situation where there is looming challenge built into the performance system or work. Learning needs in individuals normally arise when there is need for succession planning. The provision of training and development has the propensity of supporting the succession planning by improving the expertise and the experience of the employees by according them the opportunity of taking up senior roles within the organization. The training aims at increasing the organization's talent pool and subsequently inherent risk associated with employees perceived as irreplaceable. Therefore, the training needs arise in various areas that include but not limited to strategic decision-making, leadership, role-specific tasks, and management skills.

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Training needs normally arise when an organization or a company wants to improve the value of an employee. In this regard, the training or development may serve to endow the employee with different skills (multiple skills) or just to upgrade the employee's skills (up-skill). Notably, up-skilling entails the extension of the employee's existing skills through the provision of more expertise on the field. Multi-skilling refers to the process of inculcating new skills related to the job descriptions. The diverse skills enable the employees to perform various tasks and ensure that they transition relatively easily into new roles. Closely related to this is the fact that there could be the need for operational efficiency. Training accords the employees the opportunity to improve their productivity and the efficiency in completing certain tasks. The organization then achievers higher levels of transition or consistency which then makes it quite easy to forecast on the organization's performance.

It is worth noting that in the identification of the group training needs requires the organization to analyze the individual history or professional qualification of the group members. The analysis of the individuals will certainly provide essential, relevant background with specific emphasis on the training and the experience of the individuals. After examination or analysis of the individuals, it is important classify the needs to determine the urgency and the relevance of the needs. Group needs may arise due to an organization purchasing ne equipment or machines. In that regard, the organization will have to train the employees on the use of the new equipment, machine, or software to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and the subsequent performance. The change of strategy or the organization's mission may also prompt the organization to train its employees to dap at to the new paradigm. Such training may involve the ones that allow the employees to adapt to the change in culture to ensure smooth continuity of the organization.

Group training also arise during mass orientation. Orientation allows the employees to adapt to the new environment. During that phase of employment the management takes the employees through the induction process that include various processes and activities such the use of equipment, knowing other employees, familiarization tour, and creating friendships. Learning needs usually arise in groups as a way of learning new language. Learning a new language or communication skills normally arise when an individual moves to another country. Immigrant workers normally encounter language barrier that deeply impairs there potential. Such employees may not perform to the expected levels. For example, during exchange program in which people move from countries in the Middle East or Africa to a specific organization in the United States or the United Kingdom it important to take them for English classes to improve their language skills. Language training eliminates the illiteracy of the second language, thereby ensuring that such employees interact wit the others and perform to the maximum.

Learning need also arise when the people or the employees have varying cultural backgrounds, particularly when others have different cultures from the mainstream nation such as the United States or the United Kingdom. For example, the roles of women and men may be different from the ones of the host nation. Additionally, family and age may have different connotation functions may be perceived in varying capacities in different societies. Education or training serves to standardize the cultures, thereby making communication and performance of tasks much easier. Incarcerated employees also undergo group training. The correctional facilities have responsibility over the inmates they offer education and work programs to the employees. In the correctional facilities safety and security issues take precedence over the access to education programs.

Benefits of Training needs Analysis

Training analysis is essential for groups and individuals. First, it is essential for the identification of performance gaps among the employees. Notably, the employees perform with a varying degree of effectiveness, competencies, and efficiency. An effective training gap management is essential in helping the management in identifying the existing performance gaps and then formulating appropriate training to mitigate the same. Group training usually aligns the organizational needs with the appropriate training. It is essential in the in the development of skills, abilities, and knowledge of the employees with the objectives of the organization. It is also necessary in the determination of the future needs of the organization and then formulates solutions to prevent any future repercussions.

`The identification of the individual training needs is crucial in determining the skill gap that requires improvement. As stated, the employees have varying degrees of skills, knowledge, and the subsequent levels of performance. Identifying the employees who have the skills that fall short of expectation might compel the organization to commission a training program for the employee or grant them leave to seek professional training on the area of weakness. Evolution of training helps in the development of talent. The needs identified in the classroom or the organization setting is not always negative. The young learners undergo process aimed and understanding their skills fully. The trainers or the mangers have the expertise and the experience to identify the skills and the talents in the young learners or employees. The skills and the talents require nurturing. Therefore, trainers need to identify them, provide support aimed at developing them, to ensure that the learner does not lose interest.

Information Collected During Training Needs Analysis

The type of information collected is dependent on the type of training, the objectives of the organization, and the skill gap identified during the assessment. The formation may encompass various aspects of the organization, the group, or the individual se to undergo training. The first is the qualification or the levels of the skills among the employees or the individual. Such helps in identifying the skill gap with the aim of formulating the necessary measure to fill it. The other information is the level of experience. Employees with lower levels of experience usually require training. Finally, the training needs assessment should focus on the performance of the employees. For example, in sales, employees have targets to meet. An employee who fails to meet the target constantly should undergo training to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

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