An Overview of a Counselor-Client Case

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Date:  2021-03-04

Conducting a screening program on a client is a method, which has been proven to work efficiently in several cases. Apart from simplifying the procedure and making it client convenient, the process aids counselors in developing a good rapport with their clients. In this procedure, there is no room for mistakes on both parties I shall illustrate the various steps taken during the process by taking a fictitious client with sex addiction through the twelve sections.

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To emphasize the importance of the program, I dictated to the client the rules she is expected to abide by while the program is still on. In her case, the rules included abstaining from sex as long as the program was still going on. The other rule would involve avoiding glitzy clubs since these are the popular pickup joints. If she needed a drink, she could buy one and enjoy it at home. Having friends over would be acceptable but discussing her single status would be intolerable. To avoid inconveniencing the client, I also had to state that I am always present for client counseling appointments. Therefore, if I ever reported as not being available, I would create some time to make up for the full session. As for my charges, she was expected to make a payment of ten dollars per hour for two hours. To begin my assessment, I asked her to narrate her story focusing mainly on factors she thinks led to her addiction. My client emphasized she had regular exposure to pornography as a teenager because of available internet service in her home. She, however, notes that it did not interfere with her studies because she only browsed such content after doing her schoolwork. Then, she thought it was a teenage habit, and she would quit. However, when she joined college, she became even much more exposed to groups that found no guilt in engaging in intercourse with other students. Still, she was able to graduate and get a good job. She works relentlessly, but now and then, she has men who seduce her into engaging in intercourse.

As I was able to note, she has an inbuilt desire to succeed in whatever she pursues. This makes her good at her job, and no one ever complains. Her two weaknesses are avoiding approaches by men and saying no to them when they try to get her to sleep with them. These two weaknesses required an effective treatment plan. However hard it would be for her to avoid men even in her workplace, she would have to come up with excuses to keep off guys whom she thought were not serious about her. She, however, did not have to provide excuses. Other ways would include engaging herself in outdoor activities to beat the time. During this time, she could think of other productive things by doing constructive work. Avoiding womanizers and providing serious guys who would like to date her would be another contributor to her treatment plan.

Counseling such a client would not be that easy but convincing her to rid herself of the feeling that not all men are honest in relationships was one way. Also, she had to develop positive thoughts about her future. Unless she was planning to remain a spinster all her life, she would have to start thinking of having a great husband and children while she still had the time. Hence, she had to pay attention to her feelings about people she would meet. To ensure the plan was effective, during the program, she would get to open up on feelings she was developing towards certain people. This way, we would weigh the advantages and disadvantages of being with someone. To manage her case, I enrolled her in a previous group of people who had succeeded in the program. By communicating with them, she would gain additional insights. To intervene in her addiction crisis, I had to recommend that she reconsidered most of her friends. She would have to stand up to them and tell them she wanted to change her life. This way, she would establish which of them cared about her by gauging their opinions. If she felt that some were not helping, then she could make new and morally upright friends.

Client education is a very important part of the program. In her case, it was not hard to present the basics since she was no drug or alcohol addict. However, I did state the side effects of both including those related to her case. As a skilled counselor, I had strong faith in the program. Providing external resources to aid in providing better solutions to her problem was not that necessary. However, I did provide her with contacts of professional counselors both in psychology and sociology disciplines that would provide her adequate help whenever she needed it. To finalize our program, I provided her with the summaries of what we had achieved through the program as well as records of progress within the course of the program. Before handing them to her, however, I had the chance to convey the important details in the report and how it would prove useful in future.

The above paper provides an overview of a counselor-client case that illustrates the steps followed while screening clients in a treatment program. By explaining the case of the fictitious client and integrating necessary actions in each step helps provide a better understanding of the program.

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