An Assessment of Safety in Commercial Aviation Industry in New York - Research Proposal

Paper Type:  Research proposal
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  528 Words
Date:  2022-05-22

Topic, Qualitative Methods

According to Aviation Safety Reporting System (FAA), the commercial aviation industry is reported to experience regular non-fatal accidents (Lemieux, 2016; NIOSH, 2017). These accidents include critical altitude deviation, fuel management issues, in-flight weather encounters, crew fatigue, near mid-air collisions with UAVs and other planes, and mechanical issues resulting from unreliable maintenance. These incidents pose a severe risk to the safety of both the crew members and the passengers. Apparently, such a situation motivates a consideration in the conduction of a research in aviation safety.

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The topic for the proposed research is; "An Assessment of Safety in Commercial Aviation Industry in New York".

The research would have the following objectives:

  • To identify non-fatal risks which are likely to affect workers in the commercial aviation industry.To determine the prevalence of such risks for a period between 2010 and 2017.
  • To propose measures that may be applied to address issues that undermine the safety of workers in the commercial aviation industry in New York.

The main goal of this research project is to highlight the prevalence and characteristics of non- fatal occupational injuries in the commercial aviation industry and serve to inform and reduce work-related injuries, fatalities, and illness. To this effect the research question for the project can be stated as; "Does commercial aviation industry in New York provide a safe environment for its workers?"

The project will employ data on compensation of aviation workers in New York which will give a description of the burden posed by work-related no-fatal injuries and illness in the commercial aviation industry during the period between 2010 and 2017. The data from compensation reports will be dependent variables which will rely on volumes of filed reports while independent variables will be comprised of the statistics on occurrences of such accidents.

H0: Commercial aviation industry in New York is a safe working environment.

H1: Commercial aviation industry in New York is not a safe working environment.

To serve the stated objectives and research question, findings from the data collected will be used to support and facilitate the development of a survey of commercial airline operators, pilots, and other workers in New York aviation industry. Also, observations from reports by aviation safety agencies will be used for the gathering of information pertaining to the prevalence of the risks under study. This research would be limited by the availability of workers in the industry to respond to questionnaires and interviews, and the reliability of the information so gathered to be deemed as truthful. Therefore, attention should be paid to information sourced from reports and statistics on accidents and illness reported to safety agencies. Data from the survey will be analyzed to provide up to date details that would inform recommendations for interventions and measures that would improve safety for all aviation workers in New York. The project would benefit from advantages there is a chance of ingenuity in process of designing and affecting the research.


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NIOSH (2017). Aviation Safety Research Projects. The National Occupational Safety and Health. Last updated; January 4, 2017. Retrieved from Retrieved on April 26, 2018

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