AI in Sports: Impact on Commercial Recreation and Tourism - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-04


Joshi (2019) identified sports as one of the industries that are increasingly recording multiple trends with notable effects in the field of commercial recreation and tourism. For example, artificial intelligent (AI) is a remarkable trend in the sports industry that, in turn, affects the commercial recreation and tourism sector (Thieringer, 2019). This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of AI as one of the current trends in the sports industry with an impact on the future of the sports industry, commercial recreation, and tourism class.

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Summary of the AI Trend and Its Connection to Commercial Recreation Industry

Muller (2014) defined AI as a unique process that entails implicit simulation of human capacity by highly-computerized machines. Some of the activities performed by such computerized devices include reasoning, learning from past experiences, and achieving self-correction. The application and impact of AI in the sports industry have a close connection to the field of commercial recreation and tourism (Joshi, 2019). For instance, AI helps commercial recreation and tourism companies to market their products in predefined market segments by personalizing user experience when booking tours to their preferred destinations. Also, employees in the reception department rely on AI-based notifications to prepare to receive tourists from different places and ensure efficient operations by helping in tourist registration, identification, and secure storage of their luggage (Muller, 2014). Lastly, companies working in the commercial recreation and tourism industry rely on AI-powered devices such as chatbots in advertising, promoting, and marketing their services in their preferred markets.

Impact of AI in the Field of Sports

According to Joshi (2019), AI has a far-reaching impact in the field of sports. The economic impact associated with AI in games is that the use of chatbots can boost the revenues and profits generated by different clubs. For instance, Arsenal FC, a certified sports club that takes part in the English Premier League, developed a unique chatbot referred to as a Robot Pires (Thieringer, 2019). This chatbot allows effective communication between the club and its fans via online platforms such as Skype, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. Culturally, AI-powered platforms such as the Robot Pires, developed by Arsenal FC, can help in increasing interaction between fans and promoting diversity. Lastly, such devices can help companies to have a positive community impact by understanding their needs and developing programs to address them (Muller, 2014). For instance, many football clubs are increasingly relying on these platforms to conduct charity programs in communities.

Conclusion and Personal Thought on the Subject of AI

AI is a unique advancement in technology with a critical impact in the field of sports and tourism. Contemporary sports and tourist organizations can rely on this unique technology to maximize their returns and build strong ties with their stakeholders, including customers. However, there is a need for government regulation on the use and application of AI in these industries to realize their full potential while eliminating key risks such as fraud and identity theft.


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