Affordable Housing and Economic Development - A Rural Approach

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Date:  2022-06-23


I attended a webinar on affordable housing and economic development on a rural approach from Nebraska on 23 July 2018. The webinar took place between 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. The topic of affordable and housing development on a rural approach relates to economics directly through the resultant impacts of affordable housing and economic development (Horne, 2018). According to the webinar, affordable housing and economic development in a rural approach use different developmental strategies to achieve both social and economic development at the rural level to cater for different people at an affordable rate.

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The economic and rural approach to achieve affordable housing targets to analyze the financial capabilities of the targeted social group and people in a rural setting. Moreover, the economic approach reviews the employment rate at the rural level to determine the economic viability of different housing plans for the targeted people (Bross, 2014). Affordable housing promotes economic development because the development of affordable housing is economically sustainable to a higher number people in the rural setting. Similarly, affordable housing plans and economic development at the rural level does not strain the housing financial but economically support people of different income through creation employment, improvement of rural businesses, increase tax collection, and improve housing production.

The seminar discussion on affordable housing and economic development in a rural approach can benefit construction companies through the adoption of different housing approaches and strategies that will lead to the better affordable housing (Getz, 2017). Some of the recommendable approaches and strategies include partnering with housing organs such as housing trust funds, collaborating with the Bureau of economic analysis to develop financially viable houses in the rural approach.


In conclusion, the seminar relates to managerial economics and business theory book through intermediate economic and industrial organizations discussed. For example, the intermediate economic strategies employed by industrial organizations such as housing trust fund in the rural areas for affordable housing use intermediate funding to economically benefit different social groups (Baye, 2016). Finally, the webinar covers areas on managerial economics to enhance affordable housing for business and rural development using rural approaches.


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Bross, L. A. (2014). Transit oriented development and affordable housing: Analyzing the effects of economic, regulatory and advocacy factors on a developer's decision to include affordable housing in TODS in the Denver, Colorado region.

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Horne, R. (2018). Housing sustainability in low carbon cities.

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