Adding a Modern Flair to African Jewelry Essay

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Date:  2022-05-26

Most of the traditional African jewelry are fragile and do not look sophisticated enough for the modern working populace. However, Africans defines their concept of beauty, the African-derived standards of perceiving beauty that embraces a rich variety of creative styles and forms peculiar to people of African origin. Therefore, combining the traditional designs and skills with modern colors and clasps makes elegant pieces jewelry that can sell across the globe to clients and stores in major cities and can be incorporated in every day's wear. Most of the Nigerian beads are made of beads and thus combining more precious metals, and gemstones will give the jewelry a more appealing and luxurious look that will enable them to sell in many countries across the globe.

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African jewelry is known for the quality and beauty all over the world and diamonds are seen to have a magical quality fuelled by the fact that many glow in the dark. Diamonds have long been considered a valuable stone, mostly worn by royalty, therefore, symbolizing class and sophistication. Thus mixing African aesthetics and diamonds besides other gemstones makes the jewelry stronger, durable and sophisticated. Learning and developing these skills will help me in orienting towards the needs of the economy since there is a high demand for designers with business skills in the jewelry market. Secondly, the skills will assist in attaining professional opportunities in the future that requires a high degree of flexibility that is expected of the jewelry designers in modern society.

The significance of studying in Germany is because the institution has a broader perspective of the global arena. It has a firm emphasis on working with gemstones, which involves the development of creative aspects on jewelry and other decorative objects. In a sense that, it will assist in understanding how unique German gemstone world is and how to incorporate the aesthetic value of these creations with African jewelry. Besides, the institution has a long experience of jewelry in the modern global market thus a perfect match for my new artistic endeavor. Nigerians love precious coral beads, especially during their traditional weddings. They symbolize power, royalty, wealth and beauty, they are the most popular than any other gemstones in the country, this is due to its richness in color and the bold statement they express when worn. Traditionally these coral beads are believed to have an effective power that causes and vow or curse to come to pass that is why they are worn mostly during special events such as weddings.


The jewel market is flooded, and each designer has their brand through which they are precisely identified with, therefore incorporating African designs, and other precious gemstones such as diamonds give me a modern identity that is fused with my African heritage. Most contemporary African wants to have a touch of sophistication that has an African feel, therefore, making my designs a perfect selection for them. Besides, the world is very diverse, and everyone wants to be part of the diversity. African jewelry has not yet been fully incorporated in the jewelry market, therefore, creating a niche that I would love to fill. My brand personality is that of diversity and beauty; I want people to feel unique with their everyday jewelry and sophisticated.

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