Achieving Quality Mgmt.: Preventing Calamities & Seeking Ethical Stds - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-10


Quality management is achieved by preventing calamities and seeking of ethical standards. Healthcare has hence seen fruitfulness via the improvements of the non-working standards. When we have an integrated system based on information and accountability, then we term as a quality improvement program. Total quality management is a term used to define the strive for commitment throughout an organization for excellence.

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Furthermore, for continuous improvement of quality, the aspects of performance and quality must be improved. As the name itself suggest, CQI is a constant process. Organizations systematically evaluate and sieve problems affecting the healthcare sector and come up with solutions. For CQI to get achieved, a multidisciplinary method of approach gets used. An interdisciplinary approach is achieved by setting up goals and identifying the mission of the firms incorporating customers and areas for improvements.

Care quality improvement has seen an ever ending toil to make it stand out. The Affordable care act, Joint Commission, and the national quality forum have directed efforts towards the healthcare sector. Even with changes in the laws, health care qualities are a must and get expected to stand out. All the organization's recommendations on the planned attributes of healthcare have seen a commendable improvement in the standards of healthcare; For instance, the National Quality Forum, which is an organization that aims to better healthcare by generally working on specific goals that depend on performance and the ways for weighing and reporting. Some goals are needlessness of deaths, needlessness of pain, and suffering, among many others that are to benefit the patients.

One other component of QM is risk assessment. Risk assessment is concerned with singling out while evaluating the dangers as well as coming up with a way to minimize the impact of the risk. Risk management as a day to day activity that incorporates putting the finger on the risk, gaining more insight or knowledge on that risk and working towards resolving of the risk.

The last component is on creating a blame-free environment. Over the years, the healthcare environment gets recognized for its blame culture with several significant errors medically, and the poor standards of quality to a patient in the professionals care (McMurtrie & Molesworth, 2018). In healthcare, a culture that is just gets recommended, which, in the long run, will accommodate the reporting of errors without the fear of extreme doom (Brajshori & Behrens, 2016). Such culture encourages an environment where employees will question practices as well as policies without any refrain on severe destruction.

A culture that is just as in the first run to deal with any occurrences that involve human error. In conclusion, to make do and better quality standards in healthcare necessitates unfaltering consciousness to the system-wide affair and one's actions. A norm of safety and better-improved quality should be encouraged in addition to scrutinizing problems and working towards their solving.


Brajshori, N. and Behrens, J. (2016) Translation, Cultural Adaption, and Validation of Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture in Kosovo. Open Journal of Nursing, 6. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2016.66050.

McMurtrie, K. J., & Molesworth, B. R. C. (2018). Australian flight crews' trust in voluntary reporting systems and just culture policies. Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors, 8(1).

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