Achieving Optimal Communication: Sweet Rocks Corp's Checklist - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-22


The creation of a communication checklist will be essential for Sweet Rocks Corporation's management. Additionally, that is because a communication's checklist ensures that all stakeholders in an organization attain the right and necessary information regarding their workplace operations (Pinto, 2019). Moreover, by having a communication checklist, the management in an organization can also execute repetitive tasks quickly as well as more efficiently. In the featured context, a communication checklist will ensure that different activities in an organization are organized effectively, whereby none of the essential steps in such activities will be skipped or omitted.

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Priority Level

Project Communication Activity Communication Criteria High Medium Low

Speech Messaging Staff Management Shareholders Email Message Staff Management Shareholders Visual Chart Presentation Staff Management Shareholders Table 1: Table illustrating a sample checklist that will be employed by leaders in the Sweet Rock Corporation's Management Team, and the checklist table was self-developed.

Communications Reporting Plan

An effective communication reporting plan will be essential for Sweet Rock Corporation's management. Also, that is because a good communication reporting plan ensures that all stakeholders of the corporation support the desired objectives of the organization (Huemann, Eskerod & Ringhofer, 2015; Barnard, 2017). Moreover, well-prepared communication reporting plans are policy-driven methods that can be utilized to define who should be offered information, when they should be offered and the communication channels that should be used. Subsequently, this will promote the coordination of different activities in the Sweet Rock Corporation's management team, which will be imperative in achieving the desired organizational goals.

Situation/Description of the Need to Communicate Targeted Audience Communication Channel Focused Information on Communicated Message Date Delivered Expected Outcome

To determine whether there will be opposition from the staff in creating the new email platform Staff Email

Physical Meeting Creation of a New Email for the Company 20/4/2020 Staff Will Provide Suggestion About the New Email Platform

To collect suggestion on how the new email platform should be implemented Management Email

Physical Meeting Creation of a New Email for the Company 20/4/2020 Suggestions of How to Create the New Email Platform Will Be Attained

To attain approval to launch the new email platform Shareholders Email

Physical Meeting Creation of a New Email for the Company 20/4/2020 Approval to Launch the Email Platform Will Be Attained

Table 2: Table illustrating a sample communications plan that can be utilized by the Sweet Rock Corporation's management to attain regular updates about their project's proceedings, and communication plan table was self-developed.


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