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According to Mackenzie et al., (2013) IFRS 8-1 standards commonly referred to as the IFRS 8 majorly highlight on the definition of the operating segments and their intera...
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Rationale for the Accounting Software Program

The company has for the past three years been using the manual accounting methods done in accounting books. In as much as the companys accounting officer is familiar wit...
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Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity Analysis

The common analysis of both the income statement and the balance sheet indicates a relatively good performance. The capital structure of the organization is reasonably go...
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Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition is one of the principles of accounting that are recognized by the International financial reporting standards. The principle operates on the premise t...
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The Superior Capital Budgeting Methodology

Capital budgeting is also referred to as investment appraisal. Capital budgeting is a process of planning and decision making used to determine whether the firms long te...
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Deferred Revenues and Adjusting Entries

However, not all accounts are subject to the performance of adjusting entries done to them. There are specific types of accounts that cannot be subject to adjustment. Ex...
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