A Holistic Approach to Mindful Mediation and Exercise in African American Woman

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Date:  2022-09-07

History of health behavior

In the past decade, mindfulness practice managed to become popular all over the world. Mindful mediation and exercise targets the ability of the patient to relate uniquely to feelings and thoughts associated with a period when an individual is going experiencing negative effects in addition to interrupting the automatic responses that take place in this situation. Nevertheless, it existed 2,500 years ago. In as much as these practices have different forms, their purpose is ever the same. Currently, mindful mediation and exercise in African American women are associated with stress reduction programs. The revolution that has taken place in this practice has caused more than 30 countries to consider using them. At the moment, any individual with internet can enter the term 'Mindful Mediation' into Google to get information about it and how it can be achieved. Mindful mediation and exercise are ever taught securely, though their roots can reach back to the early Buddha's teaching.

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The techniques of mindful mediation and exercise have their base on the teachings of Buddha who was presumably using the techniques with the intention of attain nirvana. In relation to those teachings, mediation is an important quality that is developed when during vipassana mediation. The connection between Buddhism and mindfulness is clear. Buddha was the first one to develop mindfulness instructions, which can be used to offer guidance to practitioners on how they can pay much attention to four different aspects of experience. The fundamental aspects of experience include the body, feeling or sensation, the consciousness or mindfulness and mental content. Remember, most recent mindful mediation and exercise are taught securely. This is an indication they do not have any connection with Buddhist. On the other hand, it is referred to the kind of mental training and consequently, this is among the best and precise ways of understanding it (Welldoing, 2015).

National Impact

The first time to come across the term mindful mediation, it was difficult to understand how it can impact a country. Since some students and other citizens are trained about this, it become easier for them to improve their academic performance. How you live is affected by how you mindful mediation. Moreover, without mindful mediation and exercise, women and the whole nation will be affected. Lack of mindful mediation and exercise has become a public health problem in many countries. Across western economy, people have been suffering because of chronic pains and different health issues because of lack of mindful mediation been increasing problems. In fact, people participate in mindful mediation training is likely to stay longer than those who do not. They have unique lifestyle factors, for instance, stress, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking. The on-demand society together with economy prefer using electronic media, hence making people to spend more time on the media may make them to have inadequate sleep and become victims of diseases related to lack of mindful mediation.

A country with women who value the importance mindful mediation and exercise in African American is likely to have a higher productivity, unlike a country where workers who not know even about it. This is a sign that mindful mediation can greatly affect the economy of a nation, especially when an individual is suffering from stress. Based on the extrapolation of a country, United States has more people who are always embarrassing the guidelines and rules for mindful mediation and exercise. In addition, there is a possibility that when the citizens practice mindful mediation and exercise, mortality risks' rate will decrease. The rate of mortality risk in a country that has people, who are used to mindfulness mediation, is likely to reduce. Those who participate in mindful mediation and exercise, are likely to be empowered in a way that an individual will continue having strength in terms of dealing with issues related to

Mindful mediation and exercise is likely to affect the labor supply of a given country in different ways, especially on women. Because of increased mortality, there will be a decrease in the working population. Individuals is likely to perform less work or be absent from work. In addition, the skill acquisition of children will automatically slow. In other words, having adequate time to embrace a new strategy of mindful mediation will improve their general health. This can also increase the working population, hence increasing the productivity of a nation. Also, the children's skill acquisition will keep on improving.

Worldwide Impact

In this fast growing world, mindful mediation is not a priority to many people, apart from it being skyrocketing globally. In fact, the effects of mindful awareness and exercise has left people with a lot of question. in many nations far more than what people can imagine. The lack of a holistic approach to mindful mediation and exercise is among the factors that contribute towards poor economy in the whole world. Because of this, different studies have been developed on comprehensive strategies that can be used to deal with the effects that come as a result of lack of mindful mediation. The strategies are meant for improving the health and lifestyle of an individual through applying the holistic strategies. The world has gone to an extent of creating awareness just to explain the significance of mindful mediation and exercise are important. This is an indication that the whole world is affected by lack of mindful mediation and exercise. In addition, since the economy of the world is controlled by the economy of each country, if people are suffering because of this medical intervention, the working population will automatically decrease, hence contributing to the downfall of the economy of the world. In addition, the overall population of the world will increase, since the rate of mortality will decrease because there will be low instance of people dying because they never participate in some exercise to release certain pain and treat diseases.


Welldoing. (2015). The Basics of Mindfulness: Where did it come from? Retrived from https://welldoing.org/article/basics-of-mindfulness-come-from

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