21st-Century Tech in Psychology Practice: Challenges & Opportunities - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-13


The field of psychology is dynamically changing with the amalgamation of technology into the practice. The use of Instant Messaging applications, teleconferencing, telephone, online chat forums, and websites to conduct psychological assessments is commonplace in 21st-century psychology practice. However, not all psychological assessments can be done remotely. Neuropsychological tests, for instance, cannot be done remotely. Personality tests, aptitude tests, achievement tests, and vocational tests can be done remotely via video-conferencing or any of the previously mentioned tools (Cohen, Swerdlik & Sturman, 2018). Due to the highly observational nature of most psychological tests, telehealth services that require a high level of patient-doctor face-to-face interaction are done via video conferencing tools like Skype, IMO, WhatsApp, and Facetime.

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The key ethical concern concerning telehealth services is confidentiality. Given that a psychologist may record a face-to-face conversation or calls or any other communication for reference purposes or record-keeping, it is hard to assure a patient that such digital records cannot be hacked or leaked. Additionally, as Luxton, Pruitt&Osenbach (2014) argue, some patients may not feel comfortable using technological means of communication to carry out assessments.

Novotney (2011), in agreement with the discussions by Luxton et al. (2014) find that objective tele-psychiatry assessment was similar to in-person assessments regarding symptoms assessment or diagnosis. With this rationale, my practice can readily offer clinical interviews, personality, and behavioral assessments remotely, mainly by ensuring the assessment tools used in the different ranges of tests are modified to be shorter and more concise for quicker answering and less intimidation of the patient. All the modifications will be done with strict adherence to the Tele-mental Health standards (Luxton et al., 2014) and Ethical Principals of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (Luxton et al., 2014). Additionally, using telepsychiatry assessment tools ensures that clients spend less time and money on transport to the clinic. Furthermore, my practice aims to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into telepsychiatry assessment tools to make them more accurate. AI tools can record data and also detect patterns of behavior and other phenomena, necessary to make correct inferences.

Intelligence tests such as Neuropsychological tests and other tests that take more than 2 hours to administer or that require the use of specialized instruments should, however not be done remotely. This is because the Tele-mental Health standards and Ethical Principals of Psychologists and Code of Conduct have strict guidelines on how these tests can be done and the guidelines do not permit these tests to be done remotely. Additionally, the amount of data that can be gathered through tele assessment is relatively limited and cannot suffice for such complicated tests.


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