Why Do People Plagiarize and Is Plagiarism Important?

Why Do People Plagiarize and Is Plagiarism Important?

Published by on 2021-07-09 06:42:46

Everyone knows about seven deadly sins, but when it comes to the academic environment, they will mention one more, plagiarism. It is crucial to get its essence and stay away from it.

Creative professions and the academic environment have a common enemy. All the people involved in these spheres try to combat plagiarism. However, it appears here and there all over again. Some cases are less severe than others, but they all have the same essence, so it is impossible to turn a blind eye to it. Students get in this trap more often than others since their assignments suggest interaction with various sources of information. Some of them cannot resist a temptation to ‘borrow’ a couple of worthy thoughts or even copy-paste a part of someone’s paperwork. They believe it is not a big deal until they find themselves in front of the disciplinary committee that decides whether it is worth providing them with a chance to graduate. One saved hour can cost you education. Don’t you think it is a high price to pay? Young people and everyone who has something to do with creative specialties should realize the importance of plagiarism and stay away from it. 

Why Do People Plagiarize?

Everything has a root cause, and plagiarism is no exception, so it is crucial to understand what makes young people resort to it. One of the most common reasons why people plagiarize is the lack of time. Modern students often feel overwhelmed because of a heavy workload in college. Another reason is the lack of confidence when you believe that someone’s thoughts would sound better than your own. Young people struggle to cope with all the assignments, but when they face the need to prioritize, they may decide on cheating to meet the challenge. A rat race for high grades forces them to look for possible way-outs and take risks. Often, a decision to copy someone’s phrases results in dreadful consequences and jeopardizes further education. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, so nobody cares whether you have been informed about the tremendous importance of plagiarism or you don’t even realize what you have done. 

Why Is Plagiarism Important?

You know that it is forbidden to take someone’s things. If you take your groupmate’s wallet without permission, it means that you steal. The same happens when you ‘borrow’ their intellectual property. It is still theft, and you are a thief who tries to twist a teacher round their finger. That’s why it is so important to know all the pros and cons of every action. If you have no time to write an essay because of an aside job or other assignments that seem more important, it is better to turn to a specialized fast essay writing service than cheat in such a way. Modern technologies allow your teachers to check any paper for plagiarism in a matter of seconds, so you have a little chance to stay in a safe zone. If you get caught, you will hardly be able to avoid all the terrible consequences. 

Why Should We Be Concerned About Plagiarism?

While many people pay special attention to the uniqueness of things, others cannot understand why they create so much buzz about plagiarism. Their favorite phrase sounds like, “Everything has been created before us. What can we do about it?” Even though this statement isn’t meaningless, it is not entirely correct either. Many gifted people live on the globe and work on similar projects, but they still create unique things. Every person sees the world differently, and while one will highlight certain parts of the text, for example, another one will turn a blind eye to it and consider it unimportant. Students go to college to develop their personalities and not take advantage of others’ efforts. The citation has been invented for a reason, so why not use it if you like someone’s ideas? If people stop respecting others and start ‘borrowing’ everything they want, the world will turn into chaos where there will be no place for the best human qualities and development. 

Why Is It Important Not to Plagiarize?

Even if one puts aside the fact that plagiarism is nothing else but theft that involves penalties, it is possible to mention other reasons why it is worth avoiding it. Students get assignments aimed at developing their hard and soft skills. They learn how to outline their thoughts, present ideas, and help their readers get the essence of what they are talking about. In other words, a young person masters qualities that will come in handy in their future career. When they plagiarize, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to become better and learn new things. It is always easy to take something ready-made, but you will not learn anything from such action. 

How to Write a Plagiarism-Free Paper?

If you are lucky enough not to get expelled from college for such a misstep, teachers will continue to treat you as an untrustworthy one. So, all your papers will get special attention on the part of professors. If you want your paperwork to meet the uniqueness demands, pay attention to the following tips on how to avoid plagiarism:

  1. Don’t ignore quotation marks whenever required.
  2. Don’t overdo it with quotes but choose only key ones.
  3. Never copy-paste information from other sources.
  4. Take the main ideas and write them in different words.
  5. Write a paper the way you feel it.
  6. Mention the author when necessary.
  7. Don’t forget about the list of cited resources, following all the requirements.