How to Write a 500 Word Essay: 7 Tips From Professionals

How to Write a 500 Word Essay: 7 Tips From Professionals

Published by on 2021-04-23 09:29:27

Suppose you are a student who is often faced with various tasks. What's the most common assignment you should be doing almost every month? Most likely, it’s an essay. This paper involves crafting of an argument, an idea, or a “springboard” for discussion.

Typically, anyone has to meet the five hundred word limit. For many newbies, this may not be entirely clear. What does approximately 500 words mean? Everything is very simple. This artificial limitation is needed to determine how well you can express your feelings, emotions, ideas, and knowledge. It's very easy, so don’t make a mountain out of an anthill.

How Much Is a 500 Word Essay?

Now let's move on to an aspect that worries many people. How many pages is a 500 word essay? Typically, such a task takes two double-spaced pages if you use 13 point font size. It should be noted that this is a generally accepted standard, but some educational institutions may have their own rules.

Now let's move on to another question. How much is it? As a rule, this is about 2000-2500 characters. This is not a very large assignment. So you should strike while the iron is hot. Everything is not so critical because no one wants you to have a nervous breakdown. Relax and take a deep breath.

How Many Paragraphs Is a 500 Word Essay?

So, half the way is covered. You have the basic information to deal with this type of task. But the problem is that not all professors give clear instructions. How many paragraphs is a 500 words? This is no secret under seven seals. Don't do more than five paragraphs. This is a classic number. Still in doubt? Don't be stubborn and open an Internet browser. Most likely, someone already had similar problems, and you can learn from someone else's experience.

The paragraph limit is because you physically cannot write more. Check the standard A4 page. Can you fit more data? Select an example of ready-made assignments and copy the document into Word. Can you add a few more offers beyond the limit? Most likely, the answer will be no.

How to Write a 500 Word College Essay: The Main Tips

Now it's time for the fun part. Of course, beginners always want clear instructions. This is convenient and allows you to reduce the time to search for information. So, how to write a 500 word college essay? It’s as easy as pie. Check this out:

  1. Pick the right topic.
  2. Do the research.
  3. Create an outline.
  4. Make a draft.
  5. Do the main part.
  6. Make a strong conclusion.
  7. Proofread and edit it.

A Jack of all trades is master of none. You have to pick a topic that will not be too difficult. Otherwise, you will have to spend several days just looking for important information. Once you have chosen a good concept, then you can start researching. Notice how other people have done the job. This will help you. Don't forget about an outline. This is a kind of guide (or map) for you. This part of the assignment will help you structure all your knowledge and not get confused in paragraphs.

It's best if you start with a rough copy. You will most likely see at least one example of a 500 word essay on the Internet. It is best if you can fix all possible errors quickly. Your main body should contain all the basic information that the selected topic might reveal. The final stage is a strong conclusion. This part of your task is a place where you can sum up everything you wanted to say. Think of 2-3 sentences or more to logically summarize your thoughts.

And don't forget to edit and proofread your task. You can get tired while working and miss some important details. Furthermore, many newbies unknowingly make grammatical and stylistic mistakes. Typically, you will have to spend another hour analyzing each sentence. This activity is not very difficult but rather monotonous. And you have to be attentive to detail.

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