How to Write a Speech About Someone Else: Creative Ways

How to Write a Speech About Someone Else: Creative Ways

Published by on 2021-04-08 13:20:26

When asked to write a speech about someone else, a student reasonably starts posing questions for themselves. Among multiple things they might wish to discover, there will be the following questions:

  1. How to write a worthy introduction for a speech?
  2. Which approach will suit for crafting an address about someone you (don’t) know?
  3. And, probably, the most important one: how to write a good speech?

In contrast to speech about oneself, an assignment may touch different people. A professor might ask you to craft a presentation of your family member, favorite tutor, classmate, celebrity, or a person you could call your idol, for example. To craft a worthy presentation, it would be cool if you focus on things you know about that personality for sure and then turn on your creativity.

Here is a thing to understand first: writing a speech about someone is not too challenging. However, you should take care of your timing: check if you have enough time to conduct thorough research touching the subject of that assignment and to analyze the data gathered in that way before starting to write.

Treat facts and descriptions you are going to use in a speech about a person carefully. In case you describe someone you know in person, and you two know each other closely enough, there is a tip to keep up with at all costs: never reveal a person’s secrets or private details they wouldn’t be happy to tell anyone else on their own. That’s more than just a good tone which you should maintain anyway. It’s about mutual trust, and your friendship is at stake here, too.

On the other hand, if a speech by one person you are asked to craft is about someone known to the public (like J. R. R. Tolkien, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michelle Obama, or Cristiano Ronaldo, for example), you should focus on some other point. It is research.

When writing an introductory speech about someone else or any other presentation about people, trustworthiness, and relevance of information are always critical. Your current knowledge (either about a celebrity or a friend) at any random moment is not a guarantee that the fact is real. So, make sure you checked everything thrice before including it in your address’s content.

Writing a Speech About Someone Well-Known: Creative Hints

How to start a speech about someone else? Or, what’s more important, how to write about someone well? Your creativity is the key here, and in fact, you are not limited in the possible tools. For example, creative ways to introduce someone in a speech may include:

  • Reflecting on your first memories or special occasions with them 
  • Praising their qualities that impress you the most
  • Paying respects to their achievements
  • Telling the audience about the influence that person had on you or other people, etc.

No speech on people should be limited to one of these four tips. Feel free to go in for heavy brainstorming and generate great ideas on talk introductions. Coming up with creative, non-typical ideas about how to introduce someone in a speech or to describe their achievements is not only a cool exercise for your mind but also a perfect way to make the presentation much more interesting to listen to.

Universal Tips on Admiration Speech or Any Presentation about a Person

It would be nice to come up with a list of structured recommendations to develop the topic. These are universal to create a nice introducing a person speech that can be either funny or serious, long or short. The list of recommendations below includes both the “pre-production” and “production” stage. Here are the tips:

  • A thorough research session is obligatory in case you craft a presentation about a human you are not familiar with. Gather all the facts you can find. That’ll let you discover their personality and biography, which are crucial to know if you want to find nice things to say about someone in a speech about them.
  • In case the subject of your description is someone you think you know well (a friend or an idol), it’s not an option to start writing about them instantly. Most probably, you are not aware of some interesting facts of their biography. So, some extra research might cut it here quite well. You may also want to check examples of speeches about someone known available online.
  • Double-check every source of info you find. Again, it is crucial to include only confirmed facts. In case your subject is a celebrity, use all the media in your reach: read articles, check news podcasts, YouTube videos by trusted and official channels, see Facebook and Instagram profiles, etc.
  • Know the focus goals of a presentation. Do you need only to mention a person’s achievements? Talk about their childhood? Show their personality? Or simply introduce them shortly before their own, longer lecture (see introducing a classmate speech examples)?
  • Make sure your intro here contains a hook, just like that in any essay you write. You don’t have any other chance to get the listeners involved in your words.
  • Prejudice doesn’t suit here. In case you like a person, don’t try to make them look better than they really are by adding unnecessary details or thinking up fake facts. If you don’t like them for some reason, that reason should be explained.  

How to Start a Speech About a Person You Know and Craft It Well

Starting a speech about a person known to you may seem to be easy first. Like, you know your subject, so there is more than enough information at your disposal. Crafting that paper must be a piece of cake.

And then it comes to writing. And the task becomes difficult. It is impossible to fit all the facts and stories you know about a person in a short address. So, you need to choose. Here are key recommendations:

  • Don’t forget the goals of a presentation. Is it a descriptive speech? An introductory one? Should you describe your family member or a friend as a person, or is it better to concentrate on their professional qualities and skills? Everything matters, as there are different ways to describe the same person.
  • Come up with the info unknown to the audience. Your mutual connection with the subject of your presentation may mean there is something valuable about them worth mentioning and known to you while the others remain unaware of that fact.
  • This point is worth noting once again: make sure you don’t reveal anything that the subject of your address would like to keep private. Choose moments to describe with wisdom and care.

Introductory Speech about Someone Else: How to Make it Perfect?

All the worthy introduction speech about someone else examples available online were carefully checked, mercilessly edited, and correctly proofread. A presentation has much in common with a usual essay here. Make sure the text elements are logically connected, revealing the topic (describing the subject) and providing the audience with an understandable conclusion. If these points are kept, your address will most probably be great.