How To Write A Literary Analysis Essay: Format and Examples

How To Write A Literary Analysis Essay: Format and Examples

Published by on 2021-04-21 13:16:57

Writing a literary analysis essay is a common academic assignment at numerous colleges. If you are planning to compose this type of paper, it is necessary to understand the core concepts of literary analysis, research deeply, and come up with your own views regarding the plot or the main issue described in your paper. Below you will find a guide to writing the literary analysis essay in the most productive way. Just follow these basic rules to represent the most impressive paper in a class with minimum effort. 

The Literary Analysis Essay Definition And Basic Concepts 

This type of academic assignment is developed to help students learn how to make an effective and advanced argumentative analysis of a particular piece of literature. You are expected to examine it, show off the results of your analysis, and structure your thoughts in a top-notch and concise way. 

Of course, you can find an example of the literary analysis essay online and follow the same structure when writing your own project. However, the basic points and arguments of your essay might significantly vary. The reason is that learners need to analyze different literature pieces (for example, a book, an article, a poem, etc.) The length of your paper might also be different. 

What Should You Write About In Your Paper? 

Some features and key points should be present in your essay regardless of the literature type you analyze. Here is a list of the basic facts, concepts, and ideas you need to include in your essay:

  • literature genre;
  • advanced description of the protagonists;
  • extended plot analysis;
  • author’s writing style and tone;
  • the topic review.

The Best Way To Write A Literary Analysis Essay 

First of all, it is vital to determine the requirements for your academic assignment. As a rule, your college advisor or high school teacher provides all the necessary info regarding the writing rules. Moreover, you can often find a sample of the literary analysis essay in the guidelines provided by the professor. This should be your starting point for writing an excellent academic paper. It is also important to pay attention to the required volume and formatting style for your assignment. 

Literary Analysis Essay: Structure And Example 

When reading a book you are planning to write about, always make notes to point out the most unique and exclusive writing styles, plot twists, emotions, and other essential features you will describe in your academic project. This prompt might help you create a polished textual analysis essay outline in no time. 

As for the essay structure, here is an example of a top-notch solution that will surely give extra points to the writer:

  • The Introduction
    • the basic info about the literature piece;
    • a brief and striking thesis statement. 
  • The main part: 
    • the style of writing;
    • main topic and tone of the writer;
    • role of the key figures (main characters);
    • strong and weak points of protagonists;
    • subplot (if any);
    • exclusive storyline elements. 
  • The conclusion:
    • tight connections with the introduction;
    • your own opinions and suggestions.

If you take a look at a sample of the essays, you will definitely notice that most of them have a similar text structure. You can put it into practice too in order to achieve the best writing results and get the highest grade for your assignment. 

Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Literary Analysis Paper

  • Failure to meet the basic essay requirements and wrong paper structure;
  • blurred or improper introduction that lacks basic info about the chosen literature piece;
  • weak arguments and examples in the main part of the academic paper;
  • adding new facts, concepts, examples, or ideas in the conclusion;
  • missing analysis but providing only plain descriptions of the story’s plot;
  • no connection between introduction and conclusion;
  • the main idea of the paper is not corresponding to its topic;
  • lack of attention to the main characters;
  • no description of the unique features of a selected literature piece;
  • describing the same fact several times;
  • numerous grammar and spelling mistakes.

Final Words 

Composing a successful literary analysis essay often appears to be too complicated for thousands of learners. There are plenty of reasons why you can’t cope with this type of assignment. Some students have some issues with making a profound analysis, while others lack professional writing skills or don’t like reading. 

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