How to Write a Good Narrative Essay for College

How to Write a Good Narrative Essay for College

Published by on 2021-05-18 20:16:53

Narrative essay writing is one of the most widespread tasks assigned to highschool students. There is nothing to be afraid of if you don't know how to write a narrative essay. In a nutshell, it is a type of academic writing that forces learners to tell a compelling story on any topic. They ought to write about their personal experiences, their attitude, and outcomes.

Note, tutors are not interested in life-changing events that happened in real life. The primary aim is to examine your storytelling and writing skills. Therefore, it's vital to create a top-quality paper if you need to get a top grade for your assignment and increase your GPA. You will find a thorough guide on how to make a narrative essay in the post below, even if you know nothing about it.

Narrative Essay Format

Get Prepared

First of all, you should get prepared. Make sure that you have plenty of time, depending on how long a narrative essay should be. Prepare a workplace to concentrate and recall the events worth noting in your writing. Feel free to note all the ideas that arise in your head. Using the list, you can choose a topic for your essay rapidly. Also, try to eliminate distractions and disable notifications to make a self-journey effective. It's recommended to find a quiet place and close curtains to create a convenient environment for thinking and writing.

Pick an Essay Topic

In most cases, tutors give particular instructors that narrow the number of topics students can choose. The subject has to reflect a particular event. Therefore, it depends on the story you select to tell. If you don't know how to write a narrative essay, you must remember the three primary points of a great story. A top-notch paper has to imply the following components:

  • challenge;
  • actions or responses;
  • effect and outcome.

Pick only those stories that match the mentioned criteria if you want your story to be engaging. Note, it should present only your personal experience. Never use other stories to make your paper more interesting.

Create an Outline

The outline creation is crucial as it will help you build the structure of your paper. The story's plan can be different, depending on how many paragraphs are in a narrative essay. Anyway, it has to imply the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. These are the main parts of writing. On average, a paper consists of five paragraphs. The introduction and the conclusion take one paragraph each. The body part has to take three paragraphs. However, a college narrative paper can imply up to ten paragraphs.

If you want to learn more to find out how to write a college narrative essay outline, don't hesitate to check out some samples on the Internet. By examining stories from other learners, you will understand how to do a narrative essay in more detail.

Write First Draft of Your Story

Surfing the information on how to write a narrative essay, you should know that it's impossible to create a stunning assignment for the first time. You will be required to spend a lot of time reviewing and updating it. However, first of all, you're required to write the first draft that you will polish later. Having an outline, you won't get stuck trying to come up with new ideas. Nevertheless, you still can get puzzled trying to figure out how to start a narrative essay for college.

How Long Should a Narrative Essay Be

It's recommended to begin with an attention grabber. It can have a form of a question, interesting statement, statistics, or a quote. The hook has to be placed in the introduction before a thesis statement. Then, you have to present your story, tell more about the actions you performed, and share your thoughts about what you learned in the body section. The conclusion part has to restate the main idea and summarize your story, highlighting essential facts.

In mere words, the entire story should be batched by the paragraphs. It has to be presented in chronological order. Also, you need to supplement your story with smooth transitions that will make it easy to read. Fortunately, narrative writing doesn't need learners to support their words. Consequently, you won't be interrupted by the need to search for some information and cite sources. However, you still will be required to follow the narrative essay format.

Review and Proofread Paper

After completing the first draft, it's recommended to take a break to refresh your mind. If you have plenty of time upon a deadline, feel free to postpone the review stage. Doing some physical exercises or having a nap can get you distracted from writing and let your brain rest. Also, you can spend the free time reading how to write a narrative report. Otherwise, try to take at least a fifteen-minute break.

Getting back to work, you should read your draft and mark parts of your essay that need improvement. Having no ideas on enhancing your paper, cross out the pieces of text that don't satisfy you. When your writing seems perfect, you should double-check it to eliminate any possible mistakes. For starters, you can examine it by using an online tool that spots and highlights any grammar mistakes simultaneously. Then, you have to proofread your paper thoroughly to make sure that it is error-free.

Helpful Recommendations for Learners

Never be shy to discover what is a narrative essay if you have poor writing skills. It's very important to understand the task of composing a paper that matches every requirement. Even though this type of homework seems to be the most simple assignment for students, you shouldn't underestimate its complexity. Discovering how long a narrative essay can be, you can find out that some papers written by college students can imply 5,000 words and more. Moreover, learners need to spend a lot of time creating a jaw-dropping story that will grab the attention of a reader from the first sentences and keep it to the last period.