40 Witty Topics for a Satirical Essay

40 Witty Topics for a Satirical Essay

Published by on 2021-07-12 17:34:41

Students are versatile folks. They perform a great number of different assignments from completely incompatible fields. Math, English, History… Yesterday you were working hard crafting a serious academic paper on Political Science, and today you’ve got to write a humorous essay for one of the classes.

When you are a student, you become Jack of all trades. So, your school or college years imply that you already know or will learn how to write a satire essay. We won’t be beating around the bush and making a long intro. We’d rather explain to you what stands behind a satire essay, how you craft one and offer some of the funniest topics.

What Are Sarcasm Essays?

Even though most students feel enthusiastic when they hear that they’ve got to write a witty essay, their high spirits disappear as they proceed with writing. Because, as it turns out, writing in a fun way is not always fun (sorry for the tautology).

When you compose a satirical essay, it shouldn’t be made just of silly meaningless jokes. Just like with any essay, you’ve got to make a point but in an unusual format. Instead of sounding formal, you should use humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to analyze the topic.

The challenge of this essay type is that the topic is usually relevant, hot, and correct. But it’s exaggerated to a great extent so that it becomes hilarious. So, your mission as a writer is to pull all your writing talents together and poke fun at a serious topic.

The Secret to Writing Killingly Ridiculous Essay

You are here because you want to write rib-tickling essays, right? Then grab a pen with a notebook to note down some tips from the masters of satire. Our writers shared insidious information about how they come up with satire essay ideas and craft good-humored papers that bring students excellent grades.

Choose Topics for a Satirical Essay with a Serious Approach

Even though satire essays sound like a joke, they might not be that easy to author, especially, when you have the wrong topic that doesn’t feel like you. So, you might be free to write in a witty manner, but grab all your serious intentions together when you are picking the topic.

Think of the ideas you might be delivering in the essay and how you can make them sound hilarious. Consider the possibility of ridiculing the topic. Make sure you are well-versed in the subject and enjoy it.

If you agree to these statements when thinking about your topic, then you’ve probably chosen the right one.

Use Satirical Techniques

There are special writing techniques that make your essay satirical. These are irony, sarcasm, and hyperbole.

The irony is the most popular technique students use in their essays. It involves statements, events, or situations that are opposite to what they feel and really are. Irony can be implemented at different levels, including the storytelling plotlines or on a sentence level.

Sarcasm is the utmost level of iron, which also entails an utterance contrasting to the real situation, but is used to mock or make a fool of someone. This technique relies on mockery and ridicule harshly.

Hyperbole is an overstated claim used with an intent to over-dramatize the situation or make something feel much bigger than it really is.

Whoop It Up

Do you remember that your goal is to write on any of the humorous essay topics? This means that you’ve got to have fun in your paper and make it interesting for the reader to indulge in. Use the above-mentioned speech figures or add some jokes to spice up your piece of writing. It might be quite a challenge, but we are sure you’ll make it.

Funny Satirical Essay Topics

Satire is a universal linguistic figure that can be applied in a wide range of disciplines. Even the most serious topic can be served under satirical sauce.

So, we’ve gathered high school satire ideas for your essays for all occasions. They are free to use as they are, but if you feel that you can make the subject even more bouncy, bless your heart. What does matter is that now you have good satire topics and know in what direction to go with your paper.

  1. Any signs we were brought to the Earth by aliens? Or the story of humankind.
  2. Is school a waste of time in the 21st century?
  3. The perks of being a high-school mom.
  4. Should animals get the right to vote? Or the problem of equality.
  5. Should animals live in zoos?
  6. Morality and animal rights: do animals have moral consideration?
  7. Valuable pieces of wisdom SpongeBob teaches us.
  8. Books are nothing but a waste of time.
  9. How to convince your teacher of History that they are wrong?
  10. Finally, those math theories helped me out in real life.
  11. Should you have only one pair of jeans to reduce clothes waste amounts?
  12. Why I denied my mom’s request on Facebook.
  13. The art of mumbling: why speaking clearly is the worst thing you can do?
  14. [Your favorite comic] as the next US president.
  15. Why I want to kill myself when reading Shakespeare.
  16. Do we really need that ozone layer?
  17. Prove that the Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens.
  18. Do all people need the freedom of speech, or has it been overrated?
  19. Why should you never tell people what you really want?
  20. The hidden side of exams no one is supposed to talk about.
  21. The worst book I’ve ever read.
  22. The unbelievable odds you get after being dropped out of school.
  23. The reasons I still believe TV advertising.
  24. When robots replace [a job title].
  25. Forget your old friend, now you have a pet.
  26. Are ideas really that great in ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway?
  27. The TV is the best babysitter in the world.
  28. Why should teachers stop with all the home assignments?
  29. You have the magic power to remove one significant personality from the history of humankind. Who would it be, and how would the removal have affected the development of society?
  30. How math explains the phenomenon of mismatched socks.
  31. Best things to see in the [city name] when you skip school.
  32. How you can relax when there is no pop-it by your side.
  33. Communication with your parents through messengers: is it better than a real conversation?
  34. The dilemma: become famous for stupid things or die being a no-name?
  35. 5 reasons to live in solitude.
  36. What if the USA got Joseph Stalin as a president?
  37. How not brushing your teeth helps fight global warming.
  38. All humans are immortal. So now what?
  39. Imagine you have the right to exterminate one animal species. What species would that be?
  40. If the Americans had a monarchy, how would that affect the civil rights of citizens?
  41. It’s fun to live alone like Robinson Crusoe.
  42. Good grades are just fiction these days.
  43. Do genes affecting our personality?
  44. Why I am not believer.
  45. An aspect of college I found disappointing.

Is It Really All?

When you pick one of the satirical essay topics, the fun part only begins. The journey of creating jokes and seeing the fun in serious things is waiting for you. We know that might be tough, but nothing comes for free, our friend. You either make it or break it.

But if you feel completely unmotivated to leverage your wit for an essay, there is another way out. Ask well-versed writers to help you out. Our gifted writing experts are good at crafting ridiculous essays on a wide range of topics. Politics? Math? History? US Government? Literature? We can help with essay writing for university, college or high school. That won’t be a problem for our writers at all to compose the fascinatingly comical paper that would make your teacher laugh.