YWCA Representation to Resonate With Social Media - Research Paper

Paper Type:  Research paper
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Wordcount:  369 Words
Date:  2022-12-02


The organization ought to create a social media strategy that addresses the issues of the concern. The world is changing into technologically oriented; the global village is a better place to link many people into the program. The organization can use social media tools and techniques to air their grievances and gain more support (Fahey, 2015).

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Social Media Strategy

Non-Profit Organization Social Strategy Steps

A social media strategy involves must involve the steps included in the representation above, to fit the need of a non-profit organization like YWCA. The first activities to be done by the committees is to create a committee that will manage the social media platforms (the PR), a member in the committee should have skills in dealing with clients even client is against racism or a male chauvinist. Social media tools are essential to create landscapes and collect data on daily engagements. For instance, twitter analytics provides information on the details about content posted, LinkedIn is also a platform to address the specific demographic group, it composes of 29% adults, and 50% college students (Izzo, 2018). College students can be more influential in the YWCA agenda.

The Visual Presentation Which YW Can Utilize on Museum Exhibit

YWCA is an organization based in the United States that concerns itself primarily on issues with racism, empowering, women, and standing up for social welfare at entirety. The organization wishes to integrate its ideas with the metropolitan museum in the United States to efficiently air their views. The museum has plenty of heritage and vintage exhibition that make an individual reminisce on history. Racism and women oppression are still evident in today's word casing social disparity (Hilliard, 2016). Below is someone visual representation concerning women empowering. Their website has a platform to "get involved" which can be connected to the world in order to get support from many people and other financial help.


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Hilliard, D. N. (2016). Uncomfortably Predictable: Race, Community, and the Cycle of Violence. Cultural Studies? Critical Methodologies, 16(3), 261-263.

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