Wise & Wealthy: Achieving Success Without College Education - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


A college education is not a requirement for a person to become wealthy, but knowledge is a crucial factor to success. Most individuals in the past and current society gained wealth despite not having a college education. Success requires a combination of factors which college education might not teach. The successful entrepreneurs in the society might not have got the opportunity to attend the higher learning centers to study, but they possess the qualities and skills for entrepreneurship. College degrees are the only certification that an individual has achieved a particular level of education. Most of the things which are taught in the classrooms do not translate to what is happening in the real world, thus making college degree, not a requirement for gaining wealth. Also, some college degrees are low paying, while others have limited markets. Due to various misconception which exists between people that attending colleges might result in wealthiest individuals in society, this paper will focus on whether people need college degrees to become successful in life.

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Education varies from the college degree since learning can be self-directed, formal, and informal or conducted through job training. For example, an individual might attend the technical schools, thus gaining appropriate education which prepares them for a professional career. Attending other educational centers might reduce the cost that can be imposed on college tuition and still provide relevant educational foundations to the learner. Since entrepreneurs are born and not made, an individual might possess skills which are not taught in the colleges (Kohn 17). For example, for one to become wealthy, they have to become risk takers and possess the communication skills which would help in conversing with their clients. Success depends on the actions which an individual take to achieve their goals and dreams in life (Chan 26). Therefore, for a person to become successful and have wealth, it requires determination, training, practice, hard work, and sacrifice. These attributes help an individual to achieve their set goals and objectives, thus becoming successful in life.

Consequently, for an educated person to become successful, they have to invest wisely by either starting businesses or honing skills. The person has to determine their risk tolerance level by assessing the funds they need to start the investment. Also, the individual has to make reasonable decisions, which helps one to achieve their goals in the business. The choices help in financial planning, thus causing the industry not to experience losses. The entrepreneur should stay within their limits and work to develop and maintain proper credit (Ormrod and Brett 20). Therefore, through these skills, the business will flourish and make the entrepreneur gain maximum wealth despite not going to college for training.

College degree is not an assurance of earning big since the degree might lack value by the time the student graduates. Since the degree might lead to the opening of many doors in the job market, the pay might be less to cater to the needs of the person. Also, one can be stuck behind the books while studying the degree courses, thus not coping with the changing trends in business and technology (McNair 2016). Some of the business processes and technologies are utilized by most individuals who did not get a chance of going to college, thus becoming successful in life.

On the other hand, the students cannot learn perseverance and passion in colleges. These are among the attributes that make the individual not to lose hope despite the hardships they might pass through in their lives. A person is born having some qualities which, when utilized, end up leading to success and acquiring wealth in the future. Also, grit in life is gained through facing various challenges in the world and figuring out how they can tackle those obstacles in their lives. For example, grit causes the person to secure funds to start-up businesses that thrive, leading to the acquisition of wealth despite not attending colleges for a degree course (Bruni 2015). Therefore, a college degree can lead to new connections in the job, but it is not a prerequisite for the person to become a leader in the company.

Therefore, success is usually a combination of mindset and hard work; hence can be gained without the learning credentials. This makes a college degree not to become an assurance of wealth since life allows everyone to become successful when they are focused, aggressive, and hardworking. People are born having entrepreneurship skills, and they cannot be learned in schools or colleges. For example, an individual might lose hope when their first business fails but one who continues to try ends up learning their mistakes and figuring out how they can deal with them. Also, one has to be a risk taker to become successful in life. One should not undermine those who did not have the opportunity of going to college for their degree since everyone has their blessing and opportunities in life.

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