Why We Need the Police in the Society

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Date:  2021-03-23

Police play a significant role in law enforcement in the society. Measures of law enforcement have always been required in the society to promote peace, maintain order, and allow free movement of people (Palmiotto, & Unnithan, 2011). The history of the police can be traced to over a hundred years ago. As the society becomes complex, there was a need for individuals to deal with civil disorder. Police have since then played diverse roles that are aimed at maintaining social order in the society by ensuring conformity to laws and societal expectations (Newburn, 2008).

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The police are an essential component of modern society as they assist in maintaining law and order. The society would be chaotic if there was no policing and people did whatever they wished without facing consequences for their actions. The police maintain order during protests, riots, and traffic. They also arrest the lawbreakers and those persons who disturb the peace of the society thus ensuring that there is social order. Another role of police in maintaining law is investigating crimes so that those found to have broken the laws are arrested and convicted (Palmiotto, & Unnithan, 2011). Through this role, the police help the society to function better.

Additionally, the police are needed in the society as they protect human rights and freedoms. The police help in protecting the property and lives of individuals in the society by ensuring that others do not violate the constitution guaranteed freedoms and rights. They do this by preventing crime from taking place in the society and protecting those people whom their life is at risk. The police also patrol through the neighborhoods and communities to detect social vices and problem and prevent them before they occur or escalate (Wrobleski & Hess, 2006).

Besides, communities need the police because they promote justice in the society. They ensure that there is equality, freedom, and fairness in the society. Through law enforcement, the police are able to protect the powerless, oppressed, and poor in the society. The police arrest those people who engage in injustice practices and take them to courts so that they can be judged for their actions and punished accordingly. They also apprehend all law breakers irrespective of their social status when they break the law (Palmiotto, & Unnithan, 2011). Justice prevails in the society when all people are punished for their wrong actions.

Moreover, the society needs the police because they promote the welfare of the society through providing support services. The police educate the communities on a variety of issues which promote the safety of the society. For instance, the police educate the public on how to handle dangerous situations to ensure that their lives are protected. Besides, they inform the communities on how to respond to emergencies, how to handle firearms, and driving safety. Of significance importance, they prevent injuries and serve communities in times of emergencies and crisis by providing services such as evacuation (Palmiotto, & Unnithan, 2011).

Finally, the society needs the police because they play a significant role in making communities safer. The various roles the police play help in promoting a secure community. The police promote safer communities by arresting criminals, detecting crime, responding to emergencies, and investing crime to ensure that the guilty are punished. These roles ensure that neighborhoods are free of crime as criminals become cautious when they know that they are likely to be arrested. Studies have shown that people feel secure in communities where there is higher police presence compared to those characterized by a few police personnel (Wrobleski &Hess, 2006). Besides, communities where there is frequent police patrolling have recorded low rates of criminal activities (Nalla, 2009).

From the above discussion that police form an essential component of the modern society. If the police were absent from the society, there would be disorder and lawlessness. The diverse roles they play make their presence a necessity. First, the police are essential in the society as they help in maintaining law and order. Second, the police help in protecting fundamental freedoms and human rights. Third, the police promote justice by protecting the vulnerable. Finally, the police promote the welfare of the society through provision of diverse social services.


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